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Nursing Care Plans : Guidelines for Individualizing Client Care Across the Life Span - 9 - Philadelphia : F. A. Davis Company, 2014. - 1 online resource (985 p.) - eBooks on Demand Nursing Care Plans (Doenges) . - Nursing Care Plans (Doenges) .

INDEX OF DISEASES/DISORDERS; KEY TO ESSENTIAL TERMINOLOGY; NURSING DIAGNOSES ACCEPTED FORUSE AND RESEARCH FOR 2012-2014; Short Title Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication ; CONTRIBUTORS TO THE 9TH EDITION; REVIEWERS FOR THE 9TH EDITION; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; INTRODUCTION; CONTENTS IN BRIEF; DETAILED CONTENTS; CONTENTS ON DAVIS PLUS; Chapter 1 Issues and Trends in Nursing and Healthcare Delivery; The Ever-Changing Healthcare Environment; Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities; Chapter 2 The Nursing Process: Planning Care Using Nursing Diagnoses; Planning Care; Components of the Plan of Care Client DatabaseInterviewing; Physical Assessment; Diagnostic Studies; Nursing Priorities; Discharge Goals; Nursing Diagnosis (Problem and Need Identification); Desired Client Outcomes; Planning (Goals and Actions/ Interventions); Rationale; Conclusion; Chapter 3 Critical Thinking: Adaptation of Theory to Practice; Client Situation: Diabetes Mellitus; Admitting Physician's Orders; Client Assessment Database; Evaluation; Documentation; PLAN OF CARE; Chapter 4 Cardiovascular; HYPERTENSION: SEVERE; risk for decreased Cardiac Output; Activity Intolerance; acute Pain imbalanced Nutrition: more than body requirementsineffective Coping; ineffective Self-Health Management; HEART FAILURE: CHRONIC; decreased Cardiac Output; Activity Intolerance; excess Fluid Volume; risk for impaired Gas Exchange; risk for chronic Pain; risk for Impaired Skin Integrity; ineffective Self-Health Management; Sample Clinical Pathway; ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME; acute Pain; risk for decreased Cardiac Tissue Perfusion; risk for decreased Cardiac Output; deficient Knowledge [Learning Need]; ANGINA: CHRONIC/STABLE; risk for acute Pain; risk for decreased Cardiac Output ineffective Self-Health ManagementMYOCARDIAL INFARCTION; acute Pain; risk for decreased Cardiac Output; Activity Intolerance; [moderate/severe] Anxiety; risk for ineffective Tissue Perfusion [specify]; deficient Knowledge [Learning Need]; DYSRHYTHMIAS; risk for decreased Cardiac Output; risk for Poisoning [Digitalis toxicity]; ineffective Self-Health Management; CARDIAC SURGERY: POSTOPERATIVECARE-CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFT(CABG), MINIMALLY INVASIVE DIRECTCORONARY ARTERY BYPASS (MIDCAB),CARDIOMYOPLASTY, VALVE REPLACEMENT; risk for decreased Cardiac Output; acute Pain risk for ineffective Breathing Patternimpaired Skin/Tissue Integrity; deficient Knowledge [Learning Need]; THROMBOPHLEBITIS: VENOUSTHROMBOEMBOLISM (INCLUDINGPULMONARY EMBOLI CONSIDERATIONS); ineffective peripheral tissue Perfusion; acute Pain; impaired Gas Exchange (in presence of Pulmonary Embolus); deficient Knowledge [Learning Need] ; Chapter 5 Respiratory; CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARYDISEASE (COPD) AND ASTHMA; ineffective Airway Clearance; impaired Gas Exchange; imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements; ineffective Self-Health Management; PNEUMONIA; ineffective Airway Clearance impaired Gas Exchange

Updated with NANDA-I 2012-2014 Diagnoses This all-in-one care planning resource provides the step-by-step guidance you need to develop individualized plans of care, while also honing your critical thinking and analytical skills. Thoroughly updated and revised throughout, 167 care plans reflect the latest NANDA-I diagnoses and terminology.

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