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Jewish Women''s Torah Study : Orthodox Religious Education and Modernity - Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013. - 1 online resource (284 p.) - eBooks on Demand Routledge Jewish Studies Series . - Routledge Jewish Studies Series .

Cover; Jewish Women's Torah Study; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; List of acronyms; Notes on transliteration; Introduction; The sources; Overview; 1 Women's Torah studies: the halachic infrastructure; The tannaitic and amoraic material; The medieval interpretation of the Mishnah; The talmudic debate and the medieval interpretations; Professor Weiss Halivni's approach; The adjudication of the Rishonim (twelfth-fourteenth centuries); The adjudication of the Halacha in the primary legal codes; Late medieval sources 2 Fighting assimilation: women's education in Eastern European OrthodoxyHistorical role of Beis Yaakov institutions; Women's educational institutions in pre-state Israel; The first rabbinic reactions to changes in women's education; The Rabbinic Conference in Cracow: a public discussion among Eastern European Rabbis; Vayelaket Yosef: a public debate in early twentieth-century Europe; Rabbi Ze'ev Leiter: a call for change; Oẓar Haḥaim: neo-Orthodox opposition to women's Torah study; Torat Yeruḥam: between the wars; Responsa Zkan Aharon: a leading decisor of the interwar period Rabbi Ephraim Biliẓer: support for Beis Yaakov from Hungarian OrthodoxyConclusion; 3 Women's education and the learners' society: women's education in ḥaredi society; The new Beis Yaakov; Or Hameir (1941): debates in the nascent ḥaredi community in Israel; Post-Holocaust responses; Three conservative voices: Rabbis Vozner, Rubin, and Gross; Rabbi Eli'ezer Valdenberg and the Tsanz Rebbe: a debate about the essence of women; Rabbi Joseph Shalom Elyashiv: the "Decisor of the Generation"; Conclusion; 4 Torah study for women in the New World: the American experience; Education in the New World Rabbi Ḥaim Hirshenzon: a call for modern and liberal OrthodoxyR. Hirshenzon's approach to women's status; Women's Torah study in the writings of R. Hirshenzon; Rabbi Moshe Feinstein; Rabbi Feinstein's attitude toward women through the lens of his non-halachic writings; Attitudes to women's Torah study in Igrot Moshe; Letter to R. Meir Fund; Gender-based education; "On Women's Liberation"; Conclusion; 5 "Women shall encircle man": Women's Torah study in the teachings of R. Menaḥem Mendel Schneerson; The shali'aḥ and the sheluḥa; Women and Ḥabad, women in Ḥabad License for women to study Torah in the writings of the Seventh RebbeWomen and the study of Ḥasidism; Study of the works of Maimonides; Igrot Hakodesh; "For the upper and lower world cannot be sustained without the female"; The convergence of messianism and women's Torah study; Conclusion; 6 Satmar and women's education: education as a root cause of promiscuit; Satmar in America; Education of young women; R. Teitelbaum's position concerning women's Torah study; The Satmar community after the days of R. Teitelbaum; Rabbi Samuel Judah Geshtetner: Satmar's views of womanhood The polemics of 1997

One of the cornerstones of the religious Jewish experience in all its variations is Torah study, and this learning is considered a central criterion for leadership. Jewish Women's Torah Study addresses the question of women''s integration in the halachic-religious system at this pivotal intersection.The contemporary debate regarding women's Torah study first emerged in the second half of the 19th century. As women's status in general society changed, offering increased legal rights and opportunities for education, a debate on the need to change women's participation in Torah study emerged. Orthodoxy was faced with the question: which parts, if any, of modernity should be integrated into Halacha?Exemplifying the entire array of Orthodox responses to modernity, this book is a valuable addition to the scholarship of Judaism in the modern era and will be of interest to students and scholars of Religion, Gender Studies and Jewish Studies.

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Feminism -- Religious aspects -- Judaism.
Jewish religious education of women.
Jewish women -- Religious life.
Judaism -- 21th century.
Orthodox Judaism.
Sex role -- Religious aspects -- Judaism.

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