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Women and Work : A Handbook - Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013. - 1 online resource (591 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Section I. Women''s Labor-Force Participation in the U.S.: Patterns and Issues; Occupational Sex Segregation in New Zealand, 1971, 1976, 1981; GENERAL PATTERNS OF EMPLOYMENT/UNEMPLOYMENT; Women''s Changing Labor-Force Participation in the U.S.; Women and Part-Time Work; Self-Employed Women in the United States; Working-Class Women and Work; Young Women at Work; Women and Unemployment in the U.S.; Women and Retirement in the U.S.; Women in the U.S. Labor Movement; Women''s Status in American Labor Unions INTERSECTION OF GENDER, RACE/ETHNICITY, AND WORKAfrican-American Women and Work; Latinas in the U.S. Labor Force; Immigrant Women in the U.S. and Work; Domestic Workers and Their Employers; Appalachian Women and Work; Greek Ethnic Women in the U.S.; Women and Work in the South after the Civil War; Women in the Civil Rights Movement; ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF WOMEN''S LABOR-FORCE PARTICIPATION; Gender and Earnings; Income Inequality; Occupational Skill, Gender, and Earnings; Gender and Race Impacts on Occupational Segregation, Prestige, and Earnings; Comparable Worth and the Labor Market Gender-Related Differences in Pension CoverageIncome Possession in Couples; Economics of Housework; GENDER-BASED DIVISION OF LABOR IN THE U.S.; Occupational Sex-Typing; Sex Type and Prestige of Occupations; Gender-Segregated Occupations; Sex Segregation in the Workplace; Full-Time Homemaker as Unpaid Laborer; Section II. Approaches to Analyzing Women and Work; The Measure of Female Labor-Force Attachment; Geographic Aspects of Women and Work; Human Capital Theory; The Interdependence of Housework and Paid Work; The Sex Segregation of Occupations: Structural Approaches Dimensions of Sex Segregation in the WorkplaceWomen in the Professions: Assessing Progress; Sex Stereotypes: An Underlying Dimension; Women''s Adult Development; Integrated Women: A Conceptual Framework; Flexible Conceptual Style: Its Implications for Cultural Redefinition; Section III. Women in Diverse Occupations; OVERVIEW OF WOMEN''S OCCUPATIONAL DIVERSITY; Women in High-Status, Nontraditional Occupations; Gender and the Scientific Professions; Women in the Service Occupation Sector; Women in Blue-Collar Occupations; WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND MEDICINE; Women Physicians; Women in Science Women in NursingMidwives; Health Care Professionals; WOMEN IN EDUCATION; Women in Academia; Women of Color in Academe; Women as Teachers: A Historical Perspective (1830-1990); Women in the K-12 Public School Superintendency; WOMEN IN OTHER PROFESSIONS; Women Clergy; WOMEN IN OTHER OCCUPATIONS; American Catholic Sisters; Women in Journalism; Women in Broadcasting; Women in Law; Women in Organizational Communications and Public Relations; Women in Public Accounting; Women Entrepreneurs; Women in the Military (1890-1990); Women Office Workers; Women in Factory Work; Women in the Garment Industry Prostitution

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Women -- Employment -- United States.
Women -- Employment.

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