Bose, Christine.

Global Gender Research : Transnational Perspectives - Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013. - 1 online resource (379 p.) - eBooks on Demand Perspectives on Gender . - Perspectives on Gender .

Cover; Global Gender Research; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; Map; Note on Text Edits; 1 Introduction to Transnational and Local Issues; SECTION 1: AFRICA; 2 Introduction to Gender Research in Africa; 3 Women's and Gender Studies in English-Speaking Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Research in the Social Sciences; 4 Trading Goes Global: Ghanaian Market Women in an Era of Globalization; 5 Feminine Injustice; 6 Women, the Sacred and the State; SECTION 2: ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST; 7 Introduction to Gender Research in Asia and the Middle East 8 Promising and Contested Fields: Advancing Women's Studies and Sociology of Women/Gender in Contemporary China9 The Study of Gender in India: A Partial Review; 10 Women's Studies in Iran: The Roles of Activists and Scholars; 11 Masculinity and Anti-Americanism: Focusing on the Identity of KATUSA; 12 Gender, Development and HIV/AIDS in Vietnam: Towards an Alternative Response Model among Women Sex Workers; 13 Fufubessei Movement in Japan: Thinking About Women's Resistance and Subjectivity; SECTION 3: LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN 14 Between the Dynamics of the Global and the Local: Feminist and Gender Research in Latin America and the Caribbean15 Relations in Dispute: Conflict and Cooperation Between Academia and the Feminist Movements in Central America; 16 Puerto Rico: Feminism and Feminist Studies; 17 Gender Studies in Cuba: Methodological Approaches, 1974-2007; 18 Feminist Research and Theory: Contributions from the Anglophone Caribbean; 19 Trade Unions and Women's Labor Rights in Argentina; 20 In the Fabric of Brazilian Sexuality; 21 Citizenship and Nation: Debates on Reproductive Rights in Puerto Rico SECTION 4: EUROPE22 Introduction to Gender Research in Europe; 23 Traveling Theories-Situated Questions: Feminist Theory in the German Context; 24 An Overview of Research on Gender in Spanish Society; 25 At the Crossroads of 'East' and 'West': Gender Studies in Hungary; 26 "The Rest is Silence . . .": Polish Nationalism and the Question of Lesbian Existence; 27 Collective Organizing and Claim Making on Child Care in Norden: Blurring the Boundaries between the Inside and the Outside; 28 Integrating or Setting the Agenda?: Gender Mainstreaming in the European Constitution-Making Process Appendix: Websites of International Women's Research CentersContributors; Reprint Permission List; Index

This volume provides an in-depth comparative picture of the current state of feminist sociological gender research and/or women''s studies research for four regions of the world, represented by many countries.

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Feminism -- Cross-cultural studies.
Feminist theory.
Feminist theory.
Gender identity.
Gender identity -- Cross-cultural studies.
Sex role and globalization.
Sex role and globalization -- Cross-cultural studies.
Women - Social conditions.
Women -- Social conditions -- Cross-cultural studies.

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