Schwarzenbach, Sibyl A.

Women and the U.S. Constitution : History, Interpretation, and Practice - New York : Columbia University Press, 2012. - 1 online resource (415 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Women and Constitutional Interpretation: The Forgotten Value of Civic Friendship; PART 1 History: The Founding Period; 2. Representatoin of Women in the Constitution; 3. Declarations of Independence: Women and Divorce in the Early Republic ; 4. The Explanation Lies in Property: Gender and Its Connection to Economic Considerations; RECONSTRUCTION; 5. Women, Bondage, and the Reconstructed Constitution; 6. The Unkept Promise of the Thirteenth Amendment: A Call for Reparations; WOMEN AND THE WELFARE STATE 7. The Culture of Work Enforcement: Race, Gender, and U.S. Welfare Policy8. The Silent Constitution: Affirmative Obligation and the Feminization of Poverty; PART 2 Interpretation; The U.S. Constitutionin Comparitive Context; 9. Federalism(s), Feminism, Families, and the Constitution; 10. What''s Privacy Got to Do With It? A Comparitive Approach to the Feminist Critique; 11. Women''s Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution: Initiating a Dialogue; PRIVACY AND FAMILY LAW; 12. Battered Women, Feminist Lawmaking, Privacy and Equality 13. Infringements of Women''s Constitutional Rights in Religious Lawmaking on Abortion14. What Place for Family Privacy? ; 15. The Right to Privacy and Gay/Lesbian Sexuality ; WOMEN AND WORK ; 16. The Gender of Discrimination: Race, Sex, and Fair Employment; 17. Second Generation Employment Discrimination: A Structural Approach ; 18. Our Economy of Mothers and Others: Women and Economics Revisited; PART 3 Practice; Citizenship and the Equal Rights Amendment; 19. Women and Citizenship: The Virginia Military Institute Case 20. "Heightened Scrutiny": An Alternative Route to Constitutional Equality for U.S. Women21. Whatever Happened to the ERA?; About the Contributors; Index

Women and the U.S. Constitution is about much more than the nineteenth amendment. This provocative volume incorporates law, history, political theory, and philosophy to analyze the U.S. Constitution as a whole in relation to the rights and fate

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