Miller, Karen.

The Estrogen-Depression Connection : The Hidden Link Between Hormones and Women''s Depression - Oakland : New Harbinger Publications, 2007. - 1 online resource (208 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Acknowledgments; Foreword; Introduction; CHAPTER 1; What Is Estrogen?; Estrogen & Early Brain Organization; Estrogen & the Brain After Birth ; Other Biochemical Effects of Estrogen; Circadian Rhythms; Estrogen & Men; Conclusion; Puberty; CHAPTER 2; Puberty; The Sad Truth; Puberty & the Emergence of Depression; Why the Rise in Depression in Women?; The Face of Adolescent Depression; Conclusion; CHAPTER 3; Premenstrual Syndrome &Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder; Sound Familiar?; What Is PMS?; Depression, PMS & PMDD; Why Depression Develops in PMS & PMDD; Conclusion; CHAPTER 4 Postnatal & PostpartumDepressionThe Stigma of Postpartum Depression; Three Syndromes of Postpartum Depression; Why Does This Happen?; Conclusion; CHAPTER 5; The Three Stages of Menopause; Stages of Menopause; Perimenopausal Transition; Menopause & Postmenopause Transition ; Symptoms of Menopause; The Blues: Depression & Menopause; Beyond the Definition & Numbers; Additional Risk Factors for Depression; Cognitive Changes During Menopause; Conclusion: Reframing Menopause; CHAPTER 6; Traditional Treatment Approaches; Choosing Hormone Replacement Therapy; Estrogen: Human & Synthetic A Combination ApproachChoices; Male Hormones; An Alternative: Antidepressants; Seeking Treatment; Conclusion; CHAPTER 7; Impact of Traditional Treatment; Depressed Postmenopausal Women; An Experiment: Estrogen's Link to Well-Being; An Observation: Estrogen's Link to Well-Being; Summing It Up; Bottom Line ; Impact on the Brain; Mood & Memory Connection; Real-Life Connections; Window of Opportunity; Misleading Information ; Estrogen, Depression & Health; Additional Benefits of HRT; Conclusion; CHAPTER 8; Alternative Approaches toHormone Replacement Therapy; Alternative Choices Checking on EllenMore of Eastern Medicine; Lifestyle Changes; Mind-Altering Approaches; Western Medicine Again: Symptom Specific; Additional Resources; Conclusion; CHAPTER 9; Conclusion; Accepting the Estrogen-Depression Connection; The Take-Home Message; Making It Personal; Conclusion: Destigmatizing Depression; References

The Estrogen-Depression Connection uncovers the most recent findings on the role of estrogen in women''s depression across the life cycle and then offers advice about treatments for depression related to estrogen fluctuations.

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Estrogen -- Physiological effect.
Menopause -- Hormone therapy -- Complications.

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