Webster, Maryam.

Everyday Bliss for Busy Women : Energy Balancing Secrets for Complete Health and Vitality - Oakland : New Harbinger Publications, 2008. - 1 online resource (200 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents; Acknowledgments; Foreword; Introduction: Everyday Bliss for Busy Women; Why I Wrote This Book; The Unique Difference of the Everyday Bliss Process; We're All Healing from Something; The Everyday Bliss Process; What You Will Learn in This Book; 1. Redefining "Selfish" and Reclaiming Extra Time; Dedicate Yourself to a Life of Everyday Bliss; Creating a Blissful Space; Reclaiming and Redefining Your Bliss; The Tyranny of Time; 2. Bliss and the Power of Belief; What Beliefs Are and How They Can Help or Hurt Us; The Toxic Power of Negative Belief Stories (A.K.A. "B.S.") Your Life Mission3. Become Overwhelmingly Attractive: Attracting What You Want; Creating Your Own Bliss Magnet; Keeping Your Own Well Full; Thinking Only the Best Thoughts; Attract by Saying No; Bliss Blockers and Bliss Keys; 4. Energy Therapy Quick-Starts for Relaxation, Peace, and Health; The A.M. Cleansing and Enlivening Routine; The P.M. Calming and Soothing Routine; A Few Extra Bliss-Out Techniques; 5. Emotional Freedom Technique: The Active Woman's Friend; EFT: Background and Basics; How to Achieve Emotional Freedom with EFT; Going to the Movies: EFT Style From Little to None: Getting Rid of That Last Little Bit of Tension6. Tapas Acupressure Technique: Gentle Relief for a Woman's Soul; Why Use TAT?; The Steps of TAT; Practice Notes and Mechanics; Further Work in TAT; 7. ZPoint Process-Energy Therapy on the Go!; How ZPoint Works; The Steps of a Basic ZPoint Clearing; The Opening Statement; The ZPoint Erase-the-Tape Technique; Practice Notes on Erasing the Tape; 8. Putting It All Together: First Steps; Initial Work to Do; 9. Situational and Instantaneous Bliss Generators; Peace Generator and Sharing Your Wealth Creating an Outrageously Compelling OutcomeLet Your Environment Evolve You-Effortlessly; 10. Preventive Maintenance and Extending the Field of Bliss; Extending the Bliss Field in Your Evening Hours; 11. Your Blissful Year; A Year of Bliss; 12. Afterword and Invitation; Resources; Techniques Taught in This Book; Basic Bioenergetic Theory (How and Why This Stuff Works); Belief Systems and the Law of Attraction; Bliss Key Companions; Energy Therapies, Systems, and Training; Supportive Practices; References

Everyday Bliss for Busy Women offers busy women an amazing array of quick and easy tips, grounded in energy psychology and positive psychology, to simply and gracefully eliminate nagging worries and aching pains and bring forth abundant energy for living a life of bliss.

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