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Women''s Roles in Eighteenth-Century America. - Santa Barbara : ABC-CLIO, 2010. - 1 online resource (208 p.) - eBooks on Demand Women''s Roles in American History . - Women''s Roles in American History .

Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Series Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Chronology; 1. Women, Marriage, and the Family; 2. Women and the Law; 3. Women and Work; 4. Women and Travel; 5. Women and War; 6. Women and Religion; 7. Women, Education, and the Arts; Selected Bibliography and Resources; Index

Spanning the broad spectrum of Colonial-era life, Women''s Roles in Eighteenth-Century America is a revealing exploration of how 18-century American women of various races, classes, and religions were affected by conditions of the timesÑwar, slavery, religious awakenings, political change, perceptions about genderÑas well as how they influenced the world around them. ||Women''s Roles in Eighteenth-Century America covers the area of North America that became the United States and follows the transformation of the British colonies into a new nation. The book is organized thematically to examine marriage and the family, the law, work, travel, war, religion, and education and the arts. Each chapter combines current research and primary sources to offer authoritative portraits of real lives of the everyday women during this pivotal early era in our history.||

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Women - Legal status, laws, etc - United States - History - 18th century.
Women - United States - Social conditions - 18th century.
Women''s rights - United States - History - 18th century.

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