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Cover; Contents; Chapter 1: Introduction and Fundamental Concepts; What is Azure?; Windows Azure Features; And Now, Back to Our Show; Summary; Chapter 2: Creating and Manipulating Data; The Data Model; Summary; Chapter 3: Mobile Services Validation; Adding Server-Side Scripts; Summary; Chapter 4: Authentication Options in WAMS; Federated Authentication; Setting Up the Authentication Providers; Configuring Your Service for Authentication; Authentication on the Client Side; Troubleshooting Authentication; Summary; Chapter 5: Using REST to Access WAMS Data; Representational State Transfer REST and WAMSSummary; Chapter 6: Push Notifications; Registering Your Application; Configuring Your Mobile Service; The Mechanics of Push Notifications; Sending Notifications; Summary; Chapter 7: Advanced Scripting; Auditing Updates; Supporting Other Data Types; Supporting Arrays; Additional User Information; Scheduling Tasks; Summary; Chapter 8: Advanced Configuration; Scaling WAMS; Using an Existing Database; Monitoring WAMS; Summary; Introduction

Get up and running with Windows Azure Mobile Services Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) is a turn-key backend solution for applications, mobile or otherwise, to utilize structured storage in the cloud. It includes basic data access functionality and built-in authentication with Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as push notification to the client app. This compact, to the point book gives you just what you need to get up and running with these tools. Demonstrates how to add, update, delete and retrieve data using standard .NET classes or REST-based requestsDescribes h

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