Waites, Bernard.

Class Society at War. - London : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014. - 1 online resource (263 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover Page -- Halftitle Page -- Title Page -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- preface -- 1. Warfare and Social Structure in Social Theory and Social History: the Case of the First World War -- 2. The Language and Imagery of 'Class' -- The Three-Class Scheme -- The 'Social Ladder' -- Between Capital and Labour: the Middle Class -- The Capital-Labour Dichotomy -- Class Imagery and the Language of War -- Conclusions -- 3. Income, Wealth and Social Class in England 1914-24 -- Introduction -- The Contemporary Sense of Change -- The Redistribution of Personal Income The Redistribution of Factor Incomes -- The Profits of War -- The Social Consequences of War Finance -- Conclusions -- 4. The Effects of the First World War on the Economic and Social Structure of the Working Class: Wages and Skills -- Introduction -- The Structuration of the Working Class -- War and the Wage Structure -- Skill and Apprenticeship -- 5. The Effects of the First World War on the Economic and Social Structure of the Working Class: Standards of Life -- Patterns of Experience -- Conclusions -- 6. Class Awareness, Class Consciousness and the War on the Home Front: Industrial Workers Working-class Patriotism and the Industrial Truce -- Industrial Attitudes and Behaviour in Wartime -- Consumption, Profiteering and the 'Them/Us' Dichotomy -- The Revival of Patriotism and the Triumph of Conservatism -- Conclusions -- 7. The Class Awareness and Class Consciousness of 'Servile' and Black-coated Workers -- 8. Secondary Education and Social Class -- 9. Summary and Conclusions -- Bibliography -- Index -- Footnote -- preface -- ch01 -- ch02 -- ch03 -- ch04 -- ch05 -- ch06 -- ch07 -- ch08 -- ch09 -- Imprint Page

Research into the impact of the First World War on European societies has recently begun on a major scale and Dr Waites has been one of the pioneers in this field in Britain. His book considers the War's effects on such major issues as popular images of class, the distribution of income and wealth in society, social relations within the working class, class consciousness and the educational experiences of children from different backgrounds. This study is noteworthy not only for its wide range of hitherto unpublished sources, but also for its attempt to bring social theory to bear upon the stu

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Social classes -- Europe -- History -- 20th century.
Social classes -- Great Britain -- History -- 20th century.
World War, 1914-1918 -- Great Britain.

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