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Title Page; Copyright Page; About the Author; Acknowledgments; Contents at a Glance; Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1: How Do I Start Using My iPad or iPad mini?; Using the Home Button; Working with the Sleep/Wake Button; Sleeping and waking the iPad or iPad mini; Powering the iPad or iPad mini on and off; Working with the Side Switch; Operating the Volume Controls; Getting to Know the Rest of the Tablet; Navigating the touchscreen; Searching your tablet; Typing on the keyboard; Running Your Tablet from the Control Center; Chapter 2: How Do I Connect to a Network? Connecting to a Wi-Fi NetworkMaking your first connection; Connecting to known or hidden networks; Stopping incessant Wi-Fi network prompts; Sending a file from your Mac to your tablet; Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network; Turning Off the Wi-Fi Antenna; Tethering to an iPhone Internet Connection; Working with Cellular-Enabled iPads and iPad minis; Tracking cellular data usage; Disabling data roaming; Turning off LTE; Turning off cellular data; Controlling cellular data usage; Switching Your Tablet to Airplane Mode; Connecting Your Tablet to a Bluetooth Device; Making your tablet discoverable Pairing or unpairing your tabletMaking a paired headset the audio output device; Chapter 3: How Do I Configure My iPad or iPad mini?; Creating a Custom Home Screen; Creating an app folder; Adding a Safari web clip to the Home screen; Resetting the default Home screen layout; Working with App Notifications; Displaying the Notification Center; Handling notifications within the Notification Center; Customizing notifications; Configuring Do Not Disturb settings; More Useful Configuration Techniques; Changing the name of your tablet; Turning sounds on and off; Configuring the Side switch Customizing the keyboardCreating text shortcuts; Configuring Siri; Activating and using multitasking gestures; Protecting your privacy; Resetting the iPad or iPad mini; Configuring Your Tablet for Social Networking; Signing in to your Facebook account; Using Siri to update Facebook; Signing in to your Twitter account; Using Siri to send a tweet; Chapter 4: How Do I Keep My iPad or iPad mini in Sync?; Connecting Your Tablet to Your Computer; Connecting via USB; Connecting via Wi-Fi; Syncing Your Tablet Automatically; Bypassing the automatic sync; Troubleshooting automatic syncing Syncing Your Tablet ManuallySyncing Your Tablet via Wi-Fi; Taking Syncing to a Higher Level; Handling sync conflicts; Handling large tablet-to-computer sync changes; Removing and replacing tablet data; Merging data from two or more computers; Syncing media with two or more computers; Syncing Your Tablet with iCloud; Setting up your iCloud account on your tablet; Setting up iCloud synchronization on your tablet; Setting up iCloud Family Sharing; Setting up iCloud Keychain; Managing your iCloud storage; Changing your iCloud storage plan; Upgrading to iCloud Drive Setting up iCloud synchronization on your Mac

Learn the Genius tips and tricks that will make your iPad even better iPad Portable Genius is a practical, easy to read guide to getting the most out of your iPad. Written in a clear, no-nonsense style, this full-color resource describes the tips and tricks you may not discover on your own. You'll find helpful information about the most commonly used features, along with techniques that can help you do better things faster. Genius icons throughout the text highlight smarter ways to get things done, and plenty of screenshots provide visual examples of the techniques described. With coverage of

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