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Culture and Political Economy in Western Sicily. - Burlington : Elsevier Science, 2013. - 1 online resource (273 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Front Cover; Culture and Political Economy in Western Sicily; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; PREFACE; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; Chapter 1. Introduction; World Forces of the Present; The Myth of Tradition; The Rise of Mafia; Broker Capitalism; Villamaura; PART I: Preindustrial World-Systems; Chapter 2. Land Use and Settlement in Historical and Geographical Perspective; Sicily's Roles in Historical World-Systems; The Relationship of Animals to Agriculture in Sicily; Colonial Pressures and Settlement Patterns; Causes: The Role of Environment in Latifundism Chapter 3. Political Structure under the Spanish Empire and the Emergence of Broker CapitalismDiarchy, Not Monarchy; Feudalism and Isolation: Misleading Issues; Royal Bureaucracies Outwitted; Relations among Settlements; Insecurity in the Countryside; Broker Capitalism and Political Structure; Chapter 4. Peasants, Herdsmen, and Rural Entrepreneurs; The Mezzadria System-Different from Slavery, Serfdom, and Free Labor; Latifundism and Peasant Insecurity; The Problem of Fragmentation; The Position of Herdsmen Compared to That of Peasants; Rural Places and Rural Entrepreneurs Rural Enterprise and KinshipChapter 5. Cultural Codes; Furberia; Onore; Amicizia; PART II: Sicily in a Postindustrial World-System; Chapter 6. From the Export of Wheat to the Export of Labor; New Types of Pressure; The Bourbon Bonifica: A Formula for Confronting the New World-System; 1860-1880: The Pattern Repeated Again; 1880-1900: A Closed Economy Phase of Italian Development; Land Reform in the Twentieth Century; The Postwar Land Reform: A Type of Welfare; Industrial Development; The Causes of Underdevelopment; Chapter 7. Displaced Herdsmen; Agrarian Reform and the Fate of Herdsmen The Herdsmen's Response to DisplacementChapter 8. The Civile Class and the Persistence of Broker Capitalism; Rivalry among Civili; The Civile Class and the North Italian Industrial Bourgeoisie; Bossism under Giolitti; Bossism in Villamaura; How the Political Structure That Favored Broker Capitalism Was Preserved; Administration by Prebendal Concession Since 1860; Public and Private Interests in Postwar Sicily; The Structure of Commodity Markets in Postwar Sicily; Tricks of the Trade; Broker Capitalism and the Export of Labor; Chapter 9. Mafia; The Foundation of the Political Shield Recruitment to MafiaThe Evolution of Mafia Domain; Some Secrets of Mafia's Success; The Core of Mafia Organization: The Cosca; Omertà: Mafia and Ideology; Explaining Mafia; Mafia and the World-System; Chapter 10. Modernization without Development; Evidence of Change; Modernization at a Price; Underemployment and Fragmentation in Agriculture; Underemployment and Fragmentation in Nonagricultural Sectors; Educational Involution; Modernization and Cultural Codes; Chapter 11. Culture and Underdevelopment; Alternative Cultural Codes; A Look to the Future; REFERENCES; INDEX

Culture and Political Economy in Western Sicily presents the relationship between the early colonial period, a time when Sicily exported wheat and animal products, and a later neocolonial period, during which manpower is the principal energy loss. The book discusses the rise and development of the Mafia; cultural codes that are important to contemporary social Sicilian organization; and the origins of these codes in early adaptations of the Sicilian people to externally generated political and economic forces. The text will be of value to sociologists, economists, historians, and people who wa

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Sicily (Italy) -- Social life and customs.

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