Coates, Hamish.

Higher Education Learning Outcomes Assessment : International Perspectives - Frankfurt : Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2014. - 1 online resource (325 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Table of Contents; Preface; List of abbreviations; Part I: Planning; Advancing student learning outcomes; Opening the box; Positioning 'learning outcomes'; Why this work is urgent; Financial pressures; Broader strategic shifts; Changes to education fundamentals; Clarifying key ideas; Innovating for growth; References; Comparative analysis of learning outcomes assessment policy contexts; Introduction; Emergence of accountability; Policy shifts toward learning outcomes in United States and Australia; Japanese higher education policy toward learning outcomes Two methods of learning outcomes assessmentLearning outcomes assessment in Japan; Concluding thoughts; References; Assessing student learning outcomes: Research trajectories; Introduction; Framing the pathway to learning outcomes measurement; Step 1: Specifying learning outcomes; Step 2: Assessment of individual achievement of the outcomes; Steps 3 and 4: Aggregation of individual results for performance measurement; Conclusions; References; Part II: Implementation; Outcomes assessment in practice: Reflections on two Australian implementations; Introduction; The Australian context AHELO in AustraliaBackground on the study; Development of assessment materials; Stakeholder engagement; Institutional engagement; Student engagement; Implementation of the assessment; Reporting of results; AMAC; Background on the study; Development of assessment materials; Stakeholder engagement; Institutional engagement; Student engagement; Implementation of the assessment; Reporting of results; Reflections for future practice; References; Decentralised learning outcomes assessments: Developments in Ontario, Canada; Introduction; Quality assurance and learning outcomes Context and definitionsNational and province-wide standards; Sector and discipline-specific learning outcomes; Professional accreditation standards and learning outcomes; Learning outcome assessment activities; Large-scale assessments initiatives; Institutional assessment activities; Engineering program assessment activities; Case study: Queen's University; Summary and conclusions; References; Student learning outcomes assessment in China: Primitive foundations; Introduction; Review of quality assurance schemes in China; Contexts shaping student learning outcomes assessment in China Exemplary student learning outcomes assessment programs in ChinaOverview; Institutional case: Learning outcomes assessment and internal quality schemes; Brief introduction of Beijing Normal University (BNU); Enacting student learning outcomes in practice; Internal quality assurance scheme; Reflection; References; Developing learning outcomes initiatives in Egypt, Kuwait, and the UAE; Introduction; Histories, growth, privatisation and the need for quality assurance; The Egyptian context; The Kuwaiti context; The United Arab Emirates (UAE) context Situating learning outcomes assessments in local histories

This book provides higher education teachers, leaders and policymakers with insights from research on assessing students' learning outcomes. The book is founded in research, shaped by policy, and designed to be of enduring relevance to practice. Framed by a cycle of continuous quality improvement, it begins by discussing policy contexts and research concepts. Experts discuss institutional, disciplinary, national and international case studies. Perspectives are advanced for reviewing the relevance and feasibility of assessment initiatives. The book explores what stakeholders have done to convert work on learning outcomes into improvements in education.

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