Philbin, Carrie Anne.

Adventures in Raspberry Pi. - 2nd ed. - Somerset : Wiley, 2015. - 1 online resource (259 p.) - eBooks on Demand Adventures In ... . - Adventures In ... .

Title Page -- Copyright Page -- About the Author -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Introduction -- Adventure 1: You Have a Raspberry Pi. Now What? -- What Hardware Do You Need? -- What Other Equipment Is Helpful? -- Setting Up the Raspberry Pi -- Downloading and Copying the Raspbian Operating System . . -- Preparing an SD Card to Store Your Software -- Making It Easy with NOOBS -- Plugging in the Hardware -- Installing and Configuring the Software -- Logging in to Your Raspberry Pi -- Exploring the Desktop in Raspbian -- Shutting Down Your Raspberry Pi -- Backing up an SD Card Image Adventure 2: Taking Command of Your Raspberry Pi -- Exploring the Terminal -- Commands for Navigating Through Your File System -- Understanding sudo -- Launching Programs from the Command Line -- Managing Files and Directories -- Installing and Updating Applications -- Downloading and Installing Applications -- Learning More About an Application -- Upgrading Your Apps -- Editing Files -- Using Shutdown and Restart Commands -- Continuing Your Text Adventure -- Adventure 3: Creating Stories and Games with Scratch -- Getting Started with Scratch -- The Scratch Interface A Quick Hello from Scratch Cat -- Setting the Stage -- Creating Costumes and Original Sprites -- Using the Scratch Sprite Image Library -- Editing an Existing Sprite -- Creating Your Own Original Sprites -- Animating a Crazy Monkey -- Creating an Adventure Role-Playing Game -- Creating Your Sprite and Stage -- Setting the Start Position of the Adventurer Sprite -- Creating Variables: Including Health Points for the Adventurer Sprite -- Controlling the Direction and Movement of the Adventurer Sprite -- Entering a Cave and Switching Backgrounds Adding a Script to Make the Adventurer Sprite Move Between Backgrounds -- Adding a Script to Switch the Stage -- Creating an Enchanted Key to Exit the Cave and Giving Extra Health Points -- Using "if" Statements to Show and Hide Sprites -- Creating Health-Point-Stealing Sprites -- Improving the Movement of the Adventurer Sprite Using "if" Blocks -- Creating a Game Over Screen -- Ideas for Improvements to Your Game -- Adventure 4: Programming Shapes with Turtle Graphics -- Scratch Turtle Graphics -- Using Pen Down and Pen Up -- Drawing Simple Shapes -- Using "clear" and Setting a Start Point Using Variables Instead of Values -- Changing the Size and Colour of the Pen -- Creating Spiral Patterns -- Using User Input to Determine the Number of Sides -- Python Turtle Graphics -- Introducing Python Modules -- The IDLE Environment and the Interpreter Window -- Using the Turtle Module in Python -- Using a Text Editor -- Using "for" Loops and Lists -- The "range" Function -- Other Python Turtle Module Commands -- Pen Up and Pen Down -- Setting the Pen Colour and Size -- Stamping -- Some Super Spirals -- Further Adventures with Python Turtle -- Adventure 5: Programming with Python Getting Set Up for Python

Start programming quickly with this super-fun guide to Raspberry Pi Adventures in Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition includes 9 cool projects that show you how to set up and start developing on your Raspberry Pi. Updated for the release of the Rev 3 board, this second edition covers all the latest features and tells you everything you need to know. Written specifically for 11-15 year-olds, this book uses the wildly successful, Raspberry Pi to explain the fundamentals of computing. You'll have a blast learning basic programming and system administration skills, beginning with th

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