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Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit : Rapid Distributed GUI Testing - San Rafael : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2014. - 1 online resource (105 p.) - eBooks on Demand Synthesis Lectures on Software Engineering . - Synthesis Lectures on Software Engineering .

Preface; Acknowledgments; Dedication; Introduction; Foreword; 1.1GUI Testing of iOS Apps; 1.2Rapid Testing with HadoopUnit; 1.3Related Work; 1.3.1GUI Testing Tools; 1.3.2Distributed Testing Platforms; Background; 2.1Software Testing; 2.1.1Regression Testing; 2.1.2GUI Testing; 2.2UI Automation; 2.2.1UI Automation Script; 2.2.2Command-Line Workflow with UI Automation; 2.2.3Rake; 2.2.4Virtualization; 2.3Hadoop and HadoopUnit; 2.3.1Hadoop; 2.3.2HadoopUnit; Using UI Automation with HadoopUnit; 3.1UI Automation Test Suites; 3.1.1Test Case Design; 3.1.2Test Case Analysis; 3.2HadoopUnit Customization 3.2.1Operational Environment3.2.2Test Results; 3.2.3Revised Architecture; 3.3Using HadoopUnit; 3.3.1Test Case List; 3.3.2Rake; 3.3.3Test Execution; Rapid GUI Testing of iOS Apps; 4.1Experiments; 4.1.1Experiment I; Table 4.1: Sequential execution time on a single machine (in seconds); Table 4.2: Concurrent execution time on a 2-node cluster (in seconds); 4.1.2Experiment II; Table 4.3: Concurrent execution time on a 4-node cluster (in seconds); 4.1.3Experiment III; Table 4.4: Performance comparisons of the three experiments (in seconds); 4.2Discussion of Results Table 4.5: Performance factors over sequential execution4.3Threats to Validity; 4.3.1Test Suites; 4.3.2Hadoop Optimization; 4.3.3Network Issues; Summary; 5.1Summary of Results; 5.1.1Research Objectives; 5.1.2Research Contributions; 5.2Future Work; 5.3Concluding Remarks; Appendix ASetting up a HadoopUnit Cluster on Mac OS X; Appendix BHadoopUnit Source Code foriOS GUI Testing; References; About the Authors

Smartphone users have come to expect high-quality apps. This has increased the importance of software testing in mobile software development. Unfortunately, testing apps-particularly the GUI-can be very time-consuming. Exercising every user interface element and verifying transitions between different views of the app under test quickly becomes problematic. For example, execution of iOS GUI test suites using Apple's UI Automation framework can take an hour or more if the app's interface is complicated. The longer it takes to run a test, the less frequently the test can be run, which in turn re

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