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Professional Android Wearables. - Somerset : Wiley, 2015. - 1 online resource (277 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Professional Android™ Wearables -- CONTENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- PART I: CONCEPTS -- CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO ANDROID WEARABLES -- The Wearable Revolution -- Dismantling the Computer: The Cyborg Dream -- Software Everywhere -- Fashion is More than Ski Jackets -- Fitness -- Time -- Glasses -- Summary -- Recommended Reading -- CHAPTER 2: THE INTERNET OF THINGS -- How Wearables Relate to IoT -- The Promise of Connectivity -- Cisco's Vision -- Big Data -- Connected Devices in the Home -- Connected Devices on the Go -- Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Scenario of Use of WSN -- Bluetooth Versus ZigBee Smart Cities -- Summary -- Recommended Reading -- CHAPTER 3: PLATFORMS AND TECHNOLOGY -- Android Wear -- Installing the Wear SDK -- Working with the Android Wear Emulator -- Working with a Real Wear-Enabled Device -- Kick-starting Your Wear Development -- Distributing Wear Apps on Google Play -- Summary -- PART II: BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS -- CHAPTER 4: NOTIFICATIONS ON SMALL SCREENS -- About Notifications -- Pre-Wear Notification API -- Wear Notifications -- Building Notifications -- The Simple Notification -- Adding a Large Icon -- Big Text Notification -- Big Picture Notification Updating a Notification -- Adding Pages to Your Notifications -- Adding Actions to Your Notifications -- Adding a Standard Action -- Adding Multiple Actions -- Adding Wear-Only Actions -- Adding an Action without the Extra Page -- Extra Options -- Hiding the Application Icon -- Moving the Notification -- Setting the Scroll to the Bottom -- Removing a Notification -- Stacking Notifications -- Summary -- Recommended Reading -- CHAPTER 5: DEVELOPING WEAR APPS -- The Wear SDK -- Design Considerations -- Wearable UI Library -- Creating the Wear Project -- Editing the Gradle Files -- Loading Layouts Using WatchViewStub -- Using InsetActivity -- Building the User Interface -- Adding Text to Your User Interface -- CardFrame -- CardScrollView -- CardFragment -- Displaying Images -- Loading a Static Image -- Adding a Progress Update -- Handling Lists in Wear -- Using WearableListView -- The 2D Picker -- Providing Positive Feedback -- Starting the Success Feedback -- Starting the Open-on-Phone Animation -- Starting the Failure Feedback -- Summary -- Recommended Reading -- CHAPTER 6: VOICE INPUT -- Talking to Your Wrist -- Types of Voice Interaction -- Using System-Provided Voice Commands Just Launch an App -- Hack an Existing Intent to Launch Your App -- Launch Your App with Voice the "Right" Way -- The Wear APIs -- Data API -- Message API -- Node API -- Answering to Notifications: Capturing Your Voice into an App -- Creating a Simple App Sending a Notification -- Creating Your Empty Project -- Modifying the Gradle File -- Modifying the App's Layout -- Adding the Right Callback Function -- Getting Your App to Receive a Voice Command -- Revising the Callback Function -- Adding a Broadcast Receiver -- Modifying the App's Layout to Include a Text Field Adding the New Class to the Manifest File

The fast and easy way to get up and running on Android wearables Written by an expert author team with years of hands-on experience in designing and building wearables, Professional Android Wearables covers how to use the Android Wear platform and other techniques to build real-world apps for a variety of wearables including smartbands, smartwatches, and smart glasses. In no time, you'll grasp how wearables can connect us to the Internet in more pervasive ways than with PCs, tablets, or mobile devices; how to build code using Google's Wear SDK for Android-enabled hardware device

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