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PROFESSIONAL: AngularJS; ABOUT THE AUTHORS; ABOUT THE TECHNICAL EDITOR; CREDITS; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; CONTENTS; INTRODUCTION; CHAPTER 1: BUILDING A SIMPLE ANGULARJS APPLICATION; What You Are Building; What You Will Learn; Step 1: Scaffolding Your Project with Yeoman; Installing Yeoman; Scaffolding Your Project; Exploring the Application; Cleaning Up; Step 2: Creating Watchlists; The Application Module; Installing Module Dependencies; Bootstrapping the Application; The Watchlist Service; The Watchlist-Panel Directive; Basic Form Validation; Using the Directive Step 3: Configuring Client-Side RoutingThe Angular ngRoute Module; Adding New Routes; Using the Routes; Template Views; Step 4: Creating a Navigation Bar; Updating the HTML; Creating MainCtrl; Step 5: Adding Stocks; Creating the CompanyService; Creating the AddStock Modal; Updating the WatchlistService; Implementing WatchlistCtrl; Modifying the Watchlist View; Step 6: Integrating with Yahoo Finance; Creating the QuoteService; Invoking Services from the Console; Step 7: Creating the Stock Table; Creating the StkStockTable Directive; Creating the StkStockRow Directive Creating the Stock Table TemplateUpdating the Watchlist View; Step 8: Inline Form Editing; Creating the Contenteditable Directive; Updating the StkStockTable Template; Step 9: Formatting Currency; Creating the StkSignColor Directive; Updating the StockTable Template; Step 10: Animating Price Changes; Creating the StkSignFade Directive; Updating the StockTable Template; Step 11: Creating the Dashboard; Updating the Dashboard Controller; Updating the Dashboard View; Production Deployment; Conclusion; CHAPTER 2: INTELLIGENT WORKFLOW AND BUILD TOOLS; What Can Tooling Do for Me?; What Is Bower? Getting Started with BowerSearching for Packages; Installing Packages; Versioning Dependencies; What Is Grunt?; Getting Started with Grunt; Installing Plug-Ins; Directory Structure; The Gruntfile; Configuring Tasks and Targets; The Connect Task; The Less Task; The JSHint Task; The Watch Task; The Default Task; Creating a Custom Task; What Is Gulp?; Getting Started with Gulp; Installing Plug-Ins; The Gulpfile; Creating Tasks; The Connect Task; The Less Task; The JSHint Task; The Watch Task; The Default Task; Arguments and Asynchronous Behavior; Gulp, Grunt, and Make; Automation Using Make When to Use MakeWhen to Use Grunt; When to Use Gulp; What Is Yeoman?; Getting Started with Yeoman; Scaffolding a New Project; Exploring Plug-Ins and Tasks; load-grunt-tasks; time-grunt; grunt-newer; grunt-contrib-watch; grunt-contrib-connect; grunt-contrib-jshint; grunt-contrib-clean; grunt-autoprefixer; grunt-wiredep; grunt-contrib-compass; grunt-filerev; grunt-usemin; grunt-contrib-imagemin; grunt-svgmin; grunt-contrib-htmlmin; grunt-ng-annotate; grunt-google-cdn; grunt-contrib-copy; grunt-concurrent; grunt-karma; Alias Tasks and Workflow; serve; test; build; default; Modifications Subgenerators

A comprehensive guide to AngularJS, Google's open-source client-side framework for app development. Most of the existing guides to AngularJS struggle to provide simple and understandable explanations for more advanced concepts. As a result, some developers who understand all the basic concepts of AngularJS struggle when it comes to building more complex real-world applications. Professional AngularJS provides a thorough understanding of AngularJS, covering everything from basic concepts, such as directives and data binding, to more advanced concepts like transclusion, build systems, and auto

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