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Volunteer Engagement 2.0 : Ideas and Insights Changing the World - Somerset : Wiley, 2015. - 1 online resource (387 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and insights changing the world -- Contents -- About the Book -- Foreword -- Introduction -- Part One: Changing Times -- Chapter 1. Big Shifts That Will Change Volunteerism for the Better -- Today's Consumer Is Tomorrow's Volunteer -- What Can Volunteerism Lose to Win? -- Big Trend: New Insights from Brain Science -- The Compassionate Instinct5 -- Neuroleadership Models6 -- The Power of Peers -- Big Trend: Demographic and Generational Changes -- The Myth of Generational Differences in the Workplace8 -- Differences as We Age -- Why Demographic Shifts Matter Big Trend: Technological Advances -- Content Creation for All -- Integrated Ecosystems -- Data: Big and Smaller -- Increased Screen Time -- Big Trend: Workplace Shifts -- Focus on Employee Engagement -- Integrated Talent Management -- The Virtual Workforce -- Change for the Better -- Notes -- Chapter 2: A History of Change in Volunteer Engagement -- The Obstacle of Vocabulary -- The Stages of Creating Change -- The Emergence of a Profession -- The Quest for the Next New Thing -- When Volunteers Resist Change -- The Leader of Volunteer Engagement as a Facilitator of Change Looking into the Crystal Ball -- Notes -- Chapter 3: Debunking the Myths of Volunteer Engagement -- Revealing the Five Myths of Volunteer Engagement -- Debunking the Myths -- Are Volunteers Worth It? -- What Do Volunteers Want? -- What Do Volunteers Do? -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 4: Rethinking the Status Quo -- More Than Just a Tagline -- Principles for Reimagining Volunteering and Service -- Principle 1: The Volunteer Ecosystem Is More Effective When All Sectors Participate in Its Evolution -- Principle 2: Make Volunteering a Core Function-Not an Add-On Principle 3: Focus Volunteer Engagement on True Community Needs -- Principle 4: To Get a Return, You Have to Invest -- Rethinking Your Own Status Quo -- Notes -- Chapter 5: Engaging Millennial and Younger Volunteers -- Going After Younger Volunteers Is a Smart Strategy -- Younger Volunteers Respond to Different Outreach Methods -- The Social Volunteer -- Be Specific -- Use T-Shirts -- Effective College Internship Programs -- Getting Millennials to Care About You -- Key Takeaways -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 6: The Great Boomer Volunteer Revolution: Boom or Bust? Introduction: Two Boomers Ride the Bus -- ``Here Come the Boomers´´-The Anticipated Volunteer Revolution -- The Great Recession Rewrites Retirement Plans-and More? -- Boomer Terms of Engagement -- Seeing the Challenge as an Opportunity: One Organization's Success Story -- Patient Biographers -- Healthy Living Educators -- Interview Committee -- Volunteers Orienting Volunteers -- Leveraging Success and Scaling Up -- The Combination to Unlock Success -- Boom or Bust? -- Notes -- Part Two: Changing Relationships -- Chapter 7. Keeping the Volunteers You Have -- Retention by the Numbers The Volunteer Experience

VolunteerMatch taps expert knowledge from today's volunteerism professionals to help nonprofits take a more inventive approach to volunteer engagement Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights Changing the World shows you many of the innovative approaches to engaging volunteers that are reshaping nonprofits, volunteer programs, and communities around the world - and how you can bring these changes to your own organization. Curated and edited by VolunteerMatch, the Web's most popular volunteer engagement network, these transformative strategies and practices are already bein

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