Woloch, Nancy.

A Class by Herself : Protective Laws for Women Workers, 1890s-1990s - Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2015. - 1 online resource (349 p.) - eBooks on Demand Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America . - Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America .

Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; 1 Roots of Protection: The National Consumers' League and Progressive Reform; Progressives Mobilize; Florence Kelley and the NCL; Rationales: The Perils of Pragmatism; Roadblocks: Business and Labor; Law : Constraint and Opportunity; 2 Gender, Protection, and the Courts, 1895-1907; Freedom of Contract versus the Police Power; A Lowell Mill: Commonwealth v. Hamilton Manufacturing Co. (1876); A Chicago Box Factory: Ritchie v. People (1895); A Utah Mine: Holden v. Hardy (1898); Women's Hours Laws: Pennsylvania, Washington, Nebraska A Utica Bakery: Lochner v. New York (1905)A New York Bookbindery: People v. Williams (1907); 3 A Class by Herself: Muller v. Oregon (1908); Local Roots of the Muller Case; Muller Goes to Court; The NCL Steps In; The Brandeis Brief; Curt Muller's Brief; The Muller v. Oregon Opinion; Assessing the Law of 1903; 4 Protection in Ascent, 1908-23; Maximum Hours Cases; Night Work Laws; Protecting Men; The Minimum Wage; War and Peace; Adkins v. Children's Hospital (1923); 5 Different versus Equal: The 1920s; Alice Paul, the National Woman's Party, and the ERA The NCL, Social Feminism, and the Minimum WageFactions Collide: The Women's Movement; Close Combat : The Conferences; The Women's Bureau Report of 1928; Did the Laws Work? Enforcement and Effectiveness; Working Women's Voices; 6 Transformations: The New Deal through the 1950s; New Deal Women; The Minimum Wage and the Revolution of 1937; FLSA: Protection Triumphant; The 1940s: War and Postwar; Bartending: Goesaert v. Cleary (1948); Women in Unions; The Women's Bureau and the NWP; 7 Trading Places: The 1960s and 1970s; The Early 1960s: PCSW and Equal Pay Title VII, the EEOC, and Protective LawsProtection Debated: Pressure and Politics, 1965-69; Protection Challenged: Three Landmark Cases; Protection Dismantled: The Courts and the States; Closing Arguments: 1970; The ERA and the Women's Movement; 8 Last Lap: Work and Pregnancy; Pregnancy Cases: The 1970s; The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978); Toward Family Leave; The Toxic Workplace; The Johnson Controls Decision (1991); Conclusion: Protection Revisited; Looking Back: The Clash over Overtime; Moving On: After Protection; Acknowledgments; Notes; Index

A Class by Herself explores the historical role and influence of protective legislation for American women workers, both as a step toward modern labor standards and as a barrier to equal rights. Spanning the twentieth century, the book tracks the rise and fall of women-only state protective laws-such as maximum hour laws, minimum wage laws, and night work laws-from their roots in progressive reform through the passage of New Deal labor law to the feminist attack on single-sex protective laws in the 1960s and 1970s. Nancy Woloch considers the network of institutions that promoted women-only

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HISTORY / United States / 20th Century.
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