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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Android Phones and Tablets. - 2nd ed. - Hoboken : Wiley, 2015. - 1 online resource (323 p.) - eBooks on Demand Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech) . - Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech) .

Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Chapter 1 Getting Started with Android; Discover the Types of Android Devices; Meet Your Device's Controls; Perform the Initial Setup for Your Device; Connect to a Wireless Network; Download and Install Companion Software; Transfer Files from Your PC to Your Device; Transfer Files from Your Mac to Your Device; Explore the User Interface and Launch Apps; Understanding Skinned Versions of Android; Navigate with Gestures; Work with Notifications; Using Google Now; Chapter 2 Customizing Your Phone or Tablet; Find the Settings You Need Choose Which Notifications to ReceiveConfigure Interruptions and Downtime; Choose Volume and Sound Settings; Set Display Brightness and Wallpaper; Choose Location Access Settings; Secure Your Phone or Tablet with a PIN; Encrypt Your Phone or Tablet for Security; Choose Language and Input Settings; Customize the Home Screens; Set Up Sleep and Daydream; Install Credentials; Chapter 3 Sharing Your Device with Others; Using Screen Pinning; Using Guest Mode; Add a User to Your Phone or Tablet; Create a Restricted Profile on a Tablet; Switch Users on a Multiuser Device Configure or Remove a User AccountChapter 4 Working with Text, Voice, and Accessibility; Using the On‐Screen Keyboard and Gesture Typing; Edit Text and Use Cut, Copy, and Paste; Give Commands with Voice Actions; Dictate Text into Apps; Gather Information with Voice Search; Set Up Accessibility Features; Using TalkBack and Explore by Touch; Chapter 5 Setting Up Communications; Set Up Your E‐Mail Accounts; Choose Settings in Gmail; Remove an E‐Mail Account; Set Up and Use Priority Inbox; Choose Which Contacts to Display; Import Your Contacts into the Contacts App Choose Calendar Notifications and RemindersChoose Week and Time Zone Settings; Chapter 6 Networking and Communicating; Control Wi‐Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Access; Connect Bluetooth Devices; Control Data Roaming and Cellular Usage; Connect Your Device to a Different Carrier; Connect to Your Work Network via VPN; Using the Tethering Feature; Using the Portable Hotspot Feature; Manage Your Wireless Networks; Log In to Wi‐Fi Hotspots; Transfer Data Using Android Beam; Make Payments with NFC; Chapter 7 Phoning, Messaging, and Social Networking; Make Phone Calls; Make Phone Calls with a Headset Make a Conference CallCall with Speed Dial, Recents, and History; Send and Receive Instant Messages with Hangouts; Manage Your Hangouts and Instant Messages; Using Video Chat with Hangouts; Install and Use Skype; Set Up Google+; Navigate Google+; Navigate Facebook; Send Tweets; Chapter 8 Working with Apps; Run Apps and Switch Quickly Among Them; Explore Google Play and Download Apps; Update Your Apps; Remove Apps You No Longer Need; Choose Which Apps to Update Automatically; Move Apps to the SD Card; Manually Install an App; Chapter 9 Browsing the Web and E‐Mailing; Browse the Web Using Bookmarks, Most Visited, and Other Devices

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