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Compromised Data : From Social Media to Big Data - New York : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. - 1 online resource (297 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Notes on Contributors; Chapter 1 Introduction: Compromised Data-From Social Media to Big Data; The mineable social; Big social data and governance; Compromised data; Rebuilding the social; References; Part One: Data, Power, and Politics; Chapter 2 Big Data as System of Knowledge: Investigating Canadian Governance; Introduction; Method; Findings; Conclusion; References; Chapter 3 Data Mining Research and the Disintegration of Society: The "Project X" Haren Riots; Understanding the "Accidental" Haren riots The mediated suppression of social despair and disintegrationThe rioters as technocratic "war machines"; Fatalities: The ghostly return of the humanist spirit; References; Chapter 4 Look at the Man Behind the Curtain: Computational Management in "Spontaneous" Citizen Political Campaigning; Introduction; Change.org to the rescue: Trayvon Martin and "GOTP" campaign techniques; MoveOn.org effect 2, electric boogaloo; We The People's neutral administrative logic; Comparative affordances; A week in the life of a distributed petition site; Stability; Signature growth; Additional trends Conclusion: Divergent logics and escaping the warehouse metaphorReferences; Part Two: Data Limit(ed); Chapter 5 Easy Data, Hard Data: The Politics and Pragmatics of Twitter Research After the Computational Turn; The implications of the computational turn; Platform politics and regimes of access; The changing scientific affordances of twitter data; Conclusions; References; Chapter 6 Scraping the First Person; Scraper analytics; Screen and interface scraping; Crawler scraping-index and content; API scraping; Conclusions; References Chapter 7 Openness Compromised? Questioning the Role of Openness in Digital Methods and Contemporary Critical PraxisIntroduction; Digital methods and the value of opening; Digital methods and the exploit; Opening up the black box of the Web: Web archiving and its praxis; The convenience of open data for the digital enclosure; Platform studies and me-centricity; Is openness still relevant?; References; Chapter 8 Critical Reverse Engineering: The Case of Twitter and TalkOpen; Introduction; Reverse engineering and the humanities; The pragmatic orientation; The genealogical orientation The legal orientationThe normative orientation; Reverse engineering twitter: The case of TalkOpen; Pragmatic; Genealogical; Legal; Normative; What went wrong with TalkOpen?; Conclusion: Critical reverse engineering as a bridge between engineering and humanities; References; Part Three: Alt-Data; Chapter 9 Mapping Movements-Social Movement Research and Big Data: Critiques and Alternatives; Introduction; Big data and social movements; The ethics of social movement research; New biases in data collection and analysis; Mapping big data methodologies for social movement research? Concluding thoughts and directions forward

There has been a data rush in the past decade brought about by online communication and, in particular, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among others), which promises a new age of digital enlightenment. But social data is compromised: it is being seized by specific economic interests, it leads to a fundamental shift in the relationship between research and the public good, and it fosters new forms of control and surveillance. Compromised Data: From Social Media to Big Data explores how we perform critical research within a compromised social data framework. The expert, international

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