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Medical Gases : Production, Applications, and Safety - Hoboken : Wiley, 2015. - 1 online resource (185 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Preface; General Remarks; Chapter 1 Medicinal Gases - Manufacturing; 1.1 Where Do the Gases Come from?; 1.1.1 Gases Obtained from Air: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Xenon; Oxygen; Nitrogen; Argon; Xenon; 1.1.2 Gases Separated from Other Sources: Helium, Carbon Monoxide, Methane; Helium; Carbon Monoxide; Methane; 1.1.3 Gases from Chemical Synthesis: Carbon Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrous Oxide; Carbon Dioxide; Nitric Oxide; Nitrous Oxide; 1.1.4 Gas Mixtures for Inhalation Reconstituted (Synthetic) Air1.1.4.2 Compressed Medical Air; Nitrous Oxide 50 vol% in Oxygen; Nitric Oxide Approximately 1000 ppm in Nitrogen; Mixtures with the General Composition Carbon Monoxide, Helium in Synthetic Air (Carbon Monoxide Ranging between 0.2 and 0.3 vol%, Helium between 8 and 18 vol%); Carbogen (5 vol% Carbon Dioxide in Oxygen); 1.1.5 Gas Mixtures for Reference - Calibration Gas Mixtures; Chapter 2 Pressure Vessels and Their Accessories; 2.1 Transportable Pressure Receptacles: Pressure Cylinders; 2.1.1 Seamless Steel Cylinders 2.1.2 Seamless Aluminum Cylinders2.1.2.1 Specifics of Aluminum Cylinders; 2.1.3 Welded Steel Vessels; 2.1.4 Lightweight Wrapped Steel or Aluminum Cylinders; 2.1.5 Pharmaceutical View on Cylinders as Containment for Drugs; European Pharmacopoeia View on Cylinders as Containment for Drugs; Inner and Outer Surfaces of Cylinders; 2.1.6 Accessories for Cylinders: Valves; Accessories for Valves: Gaskets; Valves with Integrated Residual Pressure/Nonreturn Cartridge (NRV/PRV); Integrated Valves 2.2 Non-transportable Pressure Receptacles: Stationary (Pressure) Tanks for Cryogenic Liquids2.2.1 Safety Measures on Stationary Tanks; 2.2.2 European Pharmacopoeia View on Cryo-Tanks as Containment for Drugs; 2.2.3 Inner and Outer Surfaces of Cryo-Tanks; 2.2.4 Accessories for Cryo-Containers; 2.2.5 Choice of the Good Location for Tanks; 2.3 Medicinal Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS); 2.3.1 Elements of a Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS); Gas Terminal Units (Wall Sockets); 2.3.2 Tests and Checks before Going Onstream; 2.3.3 Operation of a Central Medical Supply System 2.3.4 Maintenance and Service, Pharmaceutical ViewChapter 3 Analytical Methods for Gases (as Described in Ph. Eur.); 3.1 Sampling; 3.1.1 Permanent Gases; 3.1.2 Gases Liquefied under Pressure; 3.1.3 Cryogenic Gases; 3.2 Gas Analytical Methods; 3.2.1 Infrared (IR-) Spectrometry; Calibration; 3.2.2 Gas Chromatography (Lit); Calibration; 3.2.3 Chemiluminescence; Calibration; 3.2.4 Paramagnetic Measurement; Calibration; 3.2.5 Moisture Measurement; Calibration; 3.2.6 Fluorescence Analysis; Calibration; 3.2.7 Test Tubes Chapter 4 Monographs for Gases in the European and National Pharmacopoeias

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