Vice President of Academic Affairs Records by The University of Texas at Tyler - 1975-1995 - 9 boxes, 8 oversized folder - Collection is arranged according to subject and chronological order of each different name of the institution. Papers within folders, binded booklets, or folders have been removed from their containers and placed in their own folders. Oversized items are put into a folder together and placed on one of the oversized shelves within the university archives.

No restrictions. Documents may contain outdated e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

This collection of papers is from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. These papers mostly include memorandums and correspondence from the VPAA to the faculty, the President of the college, and outside authorities. Other media contained in the collection are pamphlets, booklets, some state legislation reference, invitations to events, and promotional information for the university. Some contents are oversized and cannot fit into a traditional archival folder. These include some promotional stickers for Texas Eastern University, newspapers and a newsletter. All of these documents range from the years 1975 to 1995.

The University of Texas at Tyler

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