Davies, Philip R.

In Search of 'Ancient Israel' : A Study in Biblical Origins - 3rd ed. - London : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. - 1 online resource (193 p.) - eBooks on Demand T&T Clark Cornerstones . - T&T Clark Cornerstones .

Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface to Second Edition (1994); 1. The logic of 'Biblical archaeology'; 2. Replacing a paradigm; 3. The Bible as history; Chapter 1 Preliminaries; Shifting paradigms; 'Ancient Israel'; Summary of the argument; Chapter 2 Searching for 'Ancient Israel'; What are we looking for?; What society has 'ancient Israel' displaced?; Double vision; Tail chasing; Common sense and credulity; 'Ancient Israel' as a theological construct; Chapter 3 Defining the Biblical Israel; Critique of the biblical Israel; Chapter 4 A Search for Historical Israel; The name 'Israel' The population from which Israel was composedThe Israelite state; Judah; The religion of Israel and Judah; Historical and literary Israels; Chapter 5 The Social Context of the Biblical Israel; Where does the name 'Israel' persist?; Post-monarchic Judah; The creation of an idealized Israel in Yehud; Chapter 6 Who Wrote the Biblical Literature, and Where?; Sources; The theological view of biblical origins; The society; 'Biblical Hebrew'; Scribes; Temples; Chapter 7 How was the Biblical Literature Written, and Why?; Ideological preconditions; A model of scribal activity; The problem of prophecy 'Law'Priestly versus scribal interest?; Function of the end-product; From writing to reading and critique; Chapter 8 From Literature to Scripture; In what sense can we speak of 'Scripture'?; From cultural archive to religious tract; Manticism; Conclusions; Chapter 9 The Emergence of Israel; The Hasmonaean library; References to Preface; Index of References; Index of Authors

The appearance of In Search of 'Ancient Israel' generated a still-raging controversy about the historical reality of what biblical scholars call 'Ancient Israel'. But its argument not only takes in the problematic relationship between Iron Age Palestinian archaeology and the biblical 'Israel' but also outlines the processes that created the literature of the Hebrew bible-the ideological matrix, the scribal milieu, and the cultural adoption of a national literary archive as religious scripture as part of the process of creating 'Judaisms'. As such, in this volume Philip R. Davies challeng

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Bible. O.T. -- Historiography.
Jews -- History -- To 70 A.D.
Jews -- History -- To 70 A.D. -- Historiography.

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