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Conscience, Leadership and the Problem of 'Dirty Hands'. - Bradford : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2015. - 1 online resource (211 p.) - eBooks on Demand Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations ; v.13 . - Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations .

Front Cover; Conscience, Leadership and the Problem of 'Dirty Hands'; Copyright page; Contents; List of Contributors; About the Authors; Introduction to the Volume; Revisiting the Concept of a Profession; Introduction; Some Definitions of a Profession; An Ideal of Service within a Generalised Responsibility to the Public Good; Professional Virtues; Fiduciary Obligation; What Has This Survey Shown?; How Meanings Function; Concluding Remarks; Notes; References; Dirty Hands and Commissions of Inquiry: An Examination of the Independent Local Government Review Panel in NSW, Australia Commissions and Inquiries: Definitional Ambiguities and Ethical DimensionsTwo Types of Commission Scholarship; NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel (ILGRP); Dirty Hands and Commissions of Inquiry: Two Questions of Eligibility; Dirty Hands, Commissions of Inquiry and the ILGRP; Outside Morality? Political Realism and Determinatio; Inside Morality: Virtue Ethics; The Complicity of Citizens; Describing the Circumstances that Call for Dirty Hands: Wallis (2013); Concluding Remarks; Notes; References What Human Rights Aren't for: Human Rights Function as Moral, Political and Legal Standards - but not as Intervention-Condi...Introduction; The Many Possible Functions of Human Rights; Standards: Moral, Political, Legal and Coercive; Human Rights Are Not Intervention-Conditions; The UN Charter; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; The Responsibility to Protect; The Chinese Position; The United Nations Security Council and Resolution 1973; Why Is This So? Following the 'Logic of Rights'; Conclusion; References; Even Dirtier Hands in War: Considering Walzer's Supreme Emergency Argument Reconsidering the Supreme Emergency ArgumentNotes; References; Keeping Hands Clean in War: The Double-Effect Approach to Killing; Military Ethics and the Doctrine of Double-Effect: A Re-Evaluation; Intentions and Side-Effects; Wartime Killing and DDE; Conclusion; Notes; References; The Dirty Hands and Pure Hearts of Revolutionary Leaders: Love and Hate in Jesus and Che Guevara; The Leader/Leadership Circle; Christic Context and Texts; Christ's Dirty Hands; Christ's Leaderly Legacy; Ernesto Guevara; Conclusion: 'Text without Context is Pretext'; Notes; References; Friendship, Love and Politics IntroductionSceptical Assessments of Friendship within Politics; Politics and Friendship in the Contemporary Western Context; Friendship: A Model for Political Community or a Political Relationship?; Conclusion; Notes; References; An Examination of the Principles-Based Ethics by which Red Cross Personnel Evaluate Private Donor Suitability; Humanitarian Background; Red Cross and Red Crescent History; Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; Case Studies; Solomon Islands; Nigeria; Conclusion; Notes; Acknowledgments; References Unpacking the Beliefs and Attitudes of Australian HREC Members: An Examination of Influences on Reviewer Decision-Making

This volume contains a selection of papers from the 21st AAPAE Conference, addressing the theme of Political Leadership, Professional Ethics, and the Problem of Dirty Hands. Discussions include medical ethics, military ethics, domestic political matters, and the very nature of 'professions'.

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