Hundhausen, Richard.

Building Web Applications with ADO. NET and XML Web Services. - Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2053. - 1 online resource (385 p.) - eBooks on Demand Gearhead Press ; v.29 . - Gearhead Press .

""Building Web Applications with ADO. NET and XML Web Services""; ""Contents""; ""Introduction""; ""How This Book Is Organized""; ""Who Should Read This Book""; ""Tools You Will Need""; ""WhatÌs on Our Web Site""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 1: What Are Web Services?""; ""SOAP (The Web Service Protocol) and the General Protocol Pecking Order""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 2: The Hutchings Photography Business Model""; ""Hutchings Photography""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 3: Conceptual and Logical Design""; ""Logical Modeling""; ""From Napkins to Hard Drives""; ""Conceptual Modeling"" ""Reverse Engineering""""What Is ORM?""; ""Hutchings Photography ORM Model""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 4: Designing a SQL Database""; ""Features of SQL Server 2000""; ""Creating a Database Structure from Our Model""; ""Adding Objects""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 5: Building ADO.NET Components""; ""The ADO.NET Object Model""; ""Some ADO.NET Classes""; ""Introduction to the Hutchings Data Layer""; ""The .NET Framework and ADO.NET""; ""Design of the Data Layer""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 6: Creating Web Services""; ""Creating the ASP.NET Web Service Project""; ""Coding the XML Web Service"" ""First Test of Our Web Service""""Understanding the Files Created by Visual Studio . NET""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 7: Deploying Web Services (UDDI)""; ""Registering as a UDDI Participant and Registering Its Web Services""; ""Adding Your Business to the UDDI""; ""The Advantages of Web Services""; ""Public and Private UDDI""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 8: The Web Services Client Business Model""; ""Who�s Our Market Again?""; ""We�re Tired of Pushing; Let Them Pull for a While""; ""Partner:""; ""Partner: Penguin Photos""; ""More Partners Are Lining Up at Port 80"" ""Partners Who Want to Stay with Classic ASP""""Summary""; ""Chapter 9: Hutchings Photography""; ""Creating a Basic .NET Web Service Consumer""; ""The Web Reference Files""; ""Objects, Properties, and Code""; ""Web Services and Lesser-Known XML Schema Validations""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 10: Penguin Photos""; ""About Penguin Photos""; ""Conventions Used in This Chapter""; ""Borland Kylix""; ""Creating the Web Application""; ""Apache Shared Modules""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 11: Securing the Web Service""; ""IIS Authentication Methods""; ""Summary"" ""Chapter 12: Testing the Web Service/ Performance Optimizations""""Performance""; ""Web Service Stress Testing""; ""Database Optimization""; ""Summary""; ""Index""

Learn how to build a data-intensive Web application with XML Web services and ADO.NET! Richard Hundhausen, Steven Borg, Cole Francis, and Kenneth Wilcox have combined their years of expertise in this invaluable resource to teach you how a typical wired business can leverage Web services in B2B commerce. Using a case study, the authors walk you step by step through how to take advantage of new technologies in .NET, such as ADO, ASP, and SOAP, to create XML Web services. They start with a discussion of a Web services provider case study, including the analysis, design, construction, registratio

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