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Beginning Windows 8 Application Development. - Somerset : Wiley, 2012. - 1 online resource (624 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

""Beginning Windows 8 Application Development""; ""Credits""; ""About the Authors""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Contents""; ""Introduction""; ""Part I: Introduction to Windows 8 Application Development""; ""Chapter 1: A Brief History of Windows Application Development""; ""The Life of Windows""; ""History of APIs and Tools""; ""Catch-22 of Windows Application Development""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 2: Using Windows 8""; ""Two Worlds, One Operating System""; ""Input Methods""; ""Logging In""; ""The Start Screen""; ""The Windows Charm Bar""; ""The Windows Desktop""; ""Summary"" ""Chapter 3: Windows 8 Architecture from a Developer�s Point of View""""Windows 8 Development Architecture""; ""Understanding Windows Runtime""; "".NET Framework 4.5""; ""Picking the Appropriate Technology for Your Project""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 4: Getting to Know Your Development Environment""; ""Introducing the Toolset""; ""A Short Tour of the Visual Studio IDE""; ""Lighting Up Your Applications with Expression Blend""; ""Summary""; ""Part II: Creating Windows 8 Applications""; ""Chapter 5: Principles of Modern Windows Application Development""; ""Windows 8 Style Applications"" ""Asynchronous Development Platform""""Summary""; ""Chapter 6: Creating Windows 8 Style Applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript""; ""HTML5 and CSS on the Web""; ""HTML5 Applications on Windows Runtime""; ""Creating Windows 8 Style Applications with JavaScript""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 7: Using XAML to Create Windows 8 Style User Interfaces""; ""Describing the User Interface Using XAML""; ""Using Namespaces""; ""Understanding the Layout Management System""; ""Reusable Resources in XAML""; ""Basic Controls in Windows 8 Style Applications""; ""Working with Data""; ""Summary"" ""Chapter 8: Working with XAML Controls""""Using Animations in Your Application""; ""Designing the Visual Look of a Control""; ""Working with Complex Controls""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 9: Building Windows 8 Style Applications""; ""The Lifecycle of a Windows 8 Application ""; ""Deploying Windows 8 Apps""; ""Commanding Surfaces""; ""Persisting Application Data""; ""Applications and the Start Screen""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 10: Creating Multi-Page Applications""; ""Navigation Basics""; ""Working with Pages""; ""Using the Split Application and Grid Application Templates""; ""Summary"" ""Chapter 11: Building Connected Applications""""Integrating with the Operating System and Other Apps""; ""Accessing the Internet""; ""Accessing Windows Live""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 12: Leveraging Tablet Features""; ""Accommodating Tablet Devices""; ""Building Location-Aware Applications""; ""Using Sensors""; ""Summary""; ""Part III: Advancing to Professional Windows 8 Development""; ""Chapter 13: Creating Windows 8 Style Applications with C++""; ""Microsoft and the C++ Language""; ""C++ and Windows 8 Apps""; ""Discovering C++ Features with Visual Studio""; ""Summary"" ""Chapter 14: Advanced Programming Concepts""

Learn to use exciting new development tools and create applications for Windows 8 If you're a beginning developer, there's no better place to get up to speed on the Windows 8 SDK than this Wrox guide. A team of Microsoft experts provides a complete course in Windows 8 programming, helping you take full advantage of the innovative new SDK. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book is packed with reusable examples that showcase the endless possibilities of the Windows SDK and also introduces the new Windows 8 app store. It explains how to set up the development environment and covers user

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