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Literary Studies : A Practical Guide - Florence : Taylor and Francis, 2013. - 1 online resource (337 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

""Cover""; ""Title Page""; ""Copyright Page""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Introduction""; ""Unit 1: A Practical Guide to Linguistic and Literary History""; ""1.1 A Brief Linguistic History of English and England""; ""Notes""; ""1.2 A Brief History of English Literature""; ""The Middle Ages (731 CE�1485)""; ""Renaissance (1485�1660)""; ""The Long Eighteenth Century (1660�1785)""; ""Romanticism (1785�1837)""; ""The Victorian Era (1837�1901)""; ""Modernism to the Present (1901�Present)""; ""1.3 A Brief History of American Literature"" ""Pre-colonial and Colonial Era (Pre-Columbian�1720)""""Revolutionary and Early American Era (1720�1820)""; ""Romanticism (1820�1865)""; ""Realism and Naturalism (1865�1910)""; ""Modernism (1910�1945)""; ""Postmodernism (1945�Present)""; ""1.4 A Brief History of World Literature""; ""Pre-classical and Classical Greek Literature (c. 750�350 BCE)""; ""Classical Chinese Literature (c. 1000�200 BCE)""; ""Arabic and Persian Literature from the Middle Ages (c. 500 CE�1400)""; ""Literature of the European Renaissance (1350�1650)"" ""Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature (1820�1910)""""Literature of European Modernism (1910�1945)""; ""Postcolonial African Literature (1950�Present)""; ""Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature (1940�Present)""; ""Unit 2: A Practical Guide to Major Literary Modes and Cinematic Adaptations""; ""2.1 Poetry""; ""Sound""; ""Accent, Rhythm, Meter, and the Poetic Line""; ""Images, Symbols, Allusions, and Figurative Language""; ""Voice and Genre""; ""2.2 Prose Fiction""; ""Plot Structure""; ""Point of View""; ""Characters and Characterization""; ""Setting""; ""Theme"" ""Style and Tone""""The Novel and Its Genres""; ""2.3 Plays""; ""Structure, Plot, and Theme""; ""Character and Dialogue""; ""The Physical Stage: Mise-en-Sc�ne and Lighting""; ""Major Theatrical Genres: Tragedy, Comedy, Drama""; ""2.4 Cinematic Adaptations of Literature""; ""From Page to Screen: An Overview of Cinematic Adaptations of Literature""; ""Cinematic Vocabulary""; ""Film Theories: Auteurs, Stars, and Spectators""; ""Film Genres""; ""Unit 3: A Practical Guide to Literary Criticism and Literary Theory""; ""3.1 A Brief Historical Overview of Literary Criticism"" ""3.2 Literary Theories and Their Applications""""Close Reading and New Criticism""; ""Semiotic and Deconstructive Approaches""; ""(New) Historicist and Cultural Studies Approaches""; ""Theories of Social Class and Ideology""; ""Psychoanalytic Approaches""; ""Gender and Feminist Theories""; ""Queer Theories""; ""Postcolonial and Critical Race Theories""; ""Rhetorical Analysis""; ""Genre Theories""; ""A Final Note on Literary Theories""; ""Unit 4: A Practical Guide to Writing a Research Essay""; ""4.1 The Research Essay""; ""The Core Elements of an Essay""; ""Research"" ""Building the Essay: Thesis, Research, Outline""

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