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ADVANCES IN COMPUTERS VOL 32. - Burlington : Elsevier Science, 2014. - 1 online resource (343 p.) - eBooks on Demand Advances in Computers ; v.32 . - Advances in Computers .

Front Cover; Advances in Computers, Volume 32; Copyright Page; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Chapter 1. Computer-Aided Logic Synthesis for VLSl Chips; 1. Introduction; 2. Design of Minimal Logic Networks by Integer Programming; 3. Transduction Method for the Design of NOR Logic Networks; 4. Logic Design of MOS Networks; 5. New Logic-Synthesis System, SYLON; 6. Conclusions; References; Chapter 2. Sensor-Driven intelligent Robotics; 1. Introduction; 2. Role of Sensors in Intelligent Robotics; 3. ROBOSIGHT: A Vision System for Inspection and Manipulation 4. A Frame-Based Architecture for Intelligent Robots5. Experimental Verification of the Autonomous Spill-Cleaning System; 6. Summary and Discussion; Acknowledgments; References; Bibliography; Chapter 3. Multidatabase Systems: An Advanced Concept in Handling Distributed Data; 1. Introduction; 2. What Is a Multidatabase?; 3. Multidatabase Issues; 4. Multidatabase Design Choices; 5. Analysis of Existing Multidatabase Systems; 6. The Future of Multidatabase Systems; 7. Summary and Future Developments; Appendix A: Review of Multidatabase Projects; References Chapter 4. Models of the Mind and Machine: Information Flow and Control between Humans and Computers1. Introduction; 2. Models of Human-Computer Interaction; 3. Interface Design; 4. Conclusion and Summary; References; Chapter 5. Computerized Voting; 1. Introduction; 2. Voting Systems; 3. Some Documented Difficulties in Computerized Elections; 4. Analyzing and Improving Computerized Vote Tallying; 5. Conclusions; References; Author Index; Subject Index; Contents of Previous Volumes


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