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Cover ; Half Title ; Title Page ; Copyright Page ; Table of Contents ; Preface; 1. The Status of Japan's Prewar Leaders and her People ; 1. The Emperor and the Civilian System; 2. The Position of the Military; 3. The Subordinate Masses; 4. The Dilemma of Growth; 2. How the Military Gained 'Ruling Power' over the Nation ; 1. The Emergence of Economic Depression and the Rise of the Military ; 2. The Success of the Military in Manipulating Public Opinion; 3. The Logic and Psychology of Silence; 1. The Voice Behind the Silence; 2. The Psychology of Top-Down Communication 3. The Prevalence of Tacit Understanding: The Japanese Way4. The Impact of Foreign Pressures upon the Rise of National Solidarity ; 1. The Troubles with Manchukuo and the Rise of National Solidarity ; 2. Escalation into the Sino-Japanese War; 3. Expelling the Anglo-Americans: The Outbreak of the Pacific War ; 5. Fascist Indoctrination: The Use of Education ; 1. The Process of Cultivating Fascistic Education; 2. The Use of Music to Unify the People; 3. Military Training in Education; 6. Loyalty and Submission: The Rampage of Brutality and Violence 1. The Cruelties Committed against Compatriots2. Criminal Justice for Aliens; 3. The Regression of Fiendish Generals and Other Leaders; 4. The Function of Collective Memory and the Recent Experiment on Obedience to Authority ; 7. After the Release from Militarism; 1. How the Japanese People Sought to Attribute Responsibility for the War ; 2. Conversion from Militaristic, Nationalistic Thought to Individualistic, Democratic Thought ; 3. 'Group Logic' still Prevails over Individual, Democratic Thought ; Postscript; Notes; References; Index

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Japan -- History -- 1926-1945.
Japan -- History, Military -- 1868-1945.
Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 -- Psychological aspects.

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