Nandram, Sharda S.

Organizational Innovation by Integrating Simplification : Learning from Buurtzorg Nederland - Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2014. - 1 online resource (233 p.) - eBooks on Demand Management for Professionals . - Management for Professionals .

Foreword; Preface; Contents; 1: Towards a New Way of Organizing; 1.1 Introduction to the Book; 1.2 The Case of Buurtzorg Nederland; 1.3 Structure of the Book; 1.4 Navigating the Book; 2: Buurtzorg Nederland: Start-Up Process and Organizational Design; 2.1 The Motivations for Founding Buurtzorg; 2.1.1 Revitalizing Community Care; 2.1.2 Founder´s Drive Towards a Higher Purpose and His Entrepreneurial Drive; 2.1.3 ICT as the Necessary Wing to Take Off; 2.2 Phases in the Start-Up Process; 2.3 Main Approaches in the Start-Up Process; 2.3.1 Integrated Fee and Simple Business Model 2.3.2 Self-Managed Teams2.3.3 Virtual Platforms; 2.3.4 The Regional Coaches; 2.4 Organizing Structure and Some Facts; 3: Theory of Integrating Simplification; 3.1 Theoretical Assumptions; 3.1.1 Theoretical Approach to the Model of Man; 3.1.2 Usefulness of Classic Grounded Theory; 3.2 Explaining the Integrating Simplification Theory (IST); 3.2.1 Main Processes of Integrating Simplification Theory (IST); 3.2.2 Outcomes of IST; 3.2.3 The Primary Process and Dimensions of IST; 3.3 The Concepts and Their Relationships; 4: Attuning to Clients; 4.1 Attunement; 4.2 Client as ``Zeitgeber´´ 4.3 Properties of Entrainment4.4 Professional Attunement; 4.4.1 Trusting Professionalism; 4.4.2 Holistic Perception Client; 4.5 Emotional Attunement; 4.5.1 Acknowledging Humane Values; 4.5.2 Parenting Responsibility; Box 4.1 Letter from a client who shared this pleasant unexpected surprises: nurses dressed up on the Dutch festival Sinterklaa...; Box 4.2 Client´s letter who has received a Christmas present from a team; Box 4.3 Letter from a client who has received a CD from a team; 4.6 Context Attunement; 4.6.1 Engaging Social Ties; 4.6.2 Community Coherence Box 4.4 Letter from a client to Buurtzorg NederlandBox 4.5 Letter from a client to Buurtzorg Nederland; 4.6.3 Awareness Conflicting Interest; 4.7 Temporal Attunement; 4.7.1 Empathy-Based Care; 4.7.2 Empowering Independency; 4.8 Integrating Simplification in Attunement to the Client; Box 4.6 Letter from a client to thank the founders; 5: Subtle Craftsmanship in Communities; 5.1 Properties and Concepts of Craftsmanship; 5.2 Self-Managed Team Structure; 5.2.1 Practical Support Structure for Secondary Processes; 5.2.2 Small Size of Teams; 5.2.3 Close to the Client 5.2.4 Integrating Simplification in Self-Managed Team5.3 Team Synergy Through Roles Within a Buurtzorg Team; 5.3.1 Balanced Team Composition; 5.3.2 Mindful Communication; 5.3.3 Integrating Simplification and Team Synergy; 5.4 Subtle Expertise for Community Care; 5.4.1 In-Depth Expertise of the Professional; 5.4.2 First Getting Acquainted Before Caring; 5.4.3 ``Fingerspitzengefühl´´ (Feeling at Your Fingertip); 5.5 Integrating Simplification and Subtle Craftsmanship; 6: Intrapreneurial Team Freedom; 6.1 Intrapreneurship Within the Field of Entrepreneurship 6.2 Conceptualizing Intrapreneurial Team Freedom

This book presents the theory of integrating implification and it provides a profound evidence based study of Buurtzorg Nederland. The case itself, forming the building block of the theory, has received tremendous interest in the Netherlands and abroad. This is the first international book on Buurtzorg Nederland and the first one departing from a management multidisciplinary perspective. The book demonstrates theory building by using the Grounded Theory Methodology as a way to contribute to management theory. Integrating simplification gives room for context specific implementation of organiz

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