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Clinical Diagnostic Tests : How to Avoid Errors in Ordering Tests and Interpreting Results - New York : Springer Publishing Company, 2015. - 1 online resource (311 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Share Clinical Diagnostic Tests: How to Avoid Errors in Ordering Tests and Interpreting Results; Chapter 1: Transfusion Medicine; Product-Related Errors; Inappropriate Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma to Correct Mildly Elevated Prothrombin Time; Standards of Care; Inappropriate Use of FFP for Volume Expansion; Standards of Care; Inappropriate Use of Rh Immune Globulin in Pregnancy; Standards of Care; RhIG-Inadequate Dosing; Standards of Care; Inappropriate Use of Cryoprecipitate; Standards of Care Platelet Inactivation as a Result of Cold ExposureStandards of Care; Errors in Procedures; A Positive Type and Screen Will Result in Relative Delay in the Issue of Blood; Standards of Care; Error in Blood Sample Collection Resulting in Inaccurate Type and Screen; Standards of Care; Misinterpretation of Laboratory Tests for Hemolysis; Standards of Care; ABO Typing Discrepancy Due to Less Common ABO Subgroups; Standards of Care; Inappropriate Use of Autologous Blood; Standards of Care; Rapid Transfusion in Chronic Anemia May Result in Volume Overload; Standards of Care Cold Agglutinin Disease-Insignificance of Low Antibody TitersStandards of Care; Hypocalcemic Toxicity from Therapeutic Plasma Exchange; Standards of Care; Hemolysis Following Platelet Transfusion; Standards of Care; Development of Coagulopathy Secondary to Intensive TPE; Standards of Care; Heparin-Flushed Lines-Inadvertent Exposure to Blood Circulation; Standards of Care; Errors Involving Specific Clinical Scenarios; Occult Anemia-Searching for a Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction; Standards of Care; Identification and Management of Clinically Significant Alloantibodies in Pregnancy Standards of CareLiberal Versus Restrictive Transfusion Strategies; Standards of Care; Nonevidence-based Practices in Prophylactic Platelet Transfusions for Minor Procedures; Standards of Care; Molecular Differences in the RhD Protein and the Need for RhIG; Standards of Care; Recognition of Immune-Mediated Hemolysis in a Pediatric Patient; Standards of Care; Inappropriate Platelet Transfusion for Patients on Aspirin; Standards of Care; Unexpected Posttransfusion Purpura; Standards of Care; Phenotype Matching to Mitigate Alloimmunization in Sickle Cell Disease; Standards of Care Refusing Blood Transfusion: When Patient and Physician Beliefs Fail to AlignStandards of Care; Crypt Antigen Activation, Adverse Consequences; Standards of Care; Failure to Recognize Specific Risk Factors that Are Associated with Adverse Reactions in Blood Donors; Standards of Care; Misinterpretation of the DAT; Standards of Care; Warfarin Reversal-Inappropriate Use of FFP; Standards of Care; Anti-Kell Alloantibodies-Missed Diagnosis of HDFN; Standards of Care; IgA Deficiency-Misinterpretations and Assumptions; Standards of Care; Misinterpreting the Cause of Hypotension During Transfusion Standards of Care

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