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Moving To The Cloud : Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing - St. Louis : Elsevier Science, 2014. - 1 online resource (481 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Front Cover; Moving to the Cloud: Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing; Copyright; Table of Contents; About the Authors; About the Technical Editor; Contributors; Foreword; Preface; Structure of the Book; A Running Example: Pustak Portal; Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction; Introduction; Where Are We Today?; Evolution of the Web; Web 2.0 and Social Networking; Information Explosion; Mobile Web; The Future Evolution; What is Cloud Computing?; Cloud Deployment Models; Private vs. Public Clouds; Business Drivers for Cloud Computing; Introduction to Cloud Technologies Infrastructure as a ServicePlatform as a Service; Software as a Service; Technology Challenges; Summary; References; 2 Infrastructure as a Service; Introduction; Storage as a Service: Amazon Storage Services; Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3); Accessing S3; Getting Started with S3; Organizing Data In S3: Buckets, Objects and Keys; S3 Administration; Large Objects and Multi-part Uploads; Amazon Simple DB; Data Organization and Access; SDB Availability and Administration; Amazon Relational Database Service; Compute as a Service: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); Overview of Amazon EC2 Accessing EC2 Using AWS ConsoleAccessing EC2 Using Command Line Tools; EC2 Computational Resources; EC2 Storage Resources; EC2 Networking Resources; Simple EC2 Example: Setting up a Web Server; Selecting the AMI; Creating the Example EC2 Instance; Attaching an EBS Volume; Allowing External Access to the Web Server; Using EC2 for Pustak Portal; Document Store for the Article Portal; Storing the Article Metadata; EC2 Example: Auto-Scaling the Pustak Portal; Auto-Scaling using AWS Beanstalk; Application-controlled Auto-Scaling; HP CloudSystem Matrix; Basic Platform Features Implementing the Pustak Portal InfrastructureTemplate Design for Pustak Portal; Resource Configuration; Pustak Portal Instantiation and Management; Cells-as-a-Service; Introduction to Cells-as-a-Service; Example: Setting Up a Web Portal; Cell Specification for the Example; Multi-tenancy: Supporting Multiple Authors to Host Books; Isolation of Multiple Tenants; Load Balancing the Author Web Site; Summary; References; 3 Platform as a Service; Introduction; Windows Azure; A "Hello World" Example; Example: Passing a Message; Azure Test and Deployment; Technical Details of the Azure Platform Windows Azure Runtime EnvironmentFabric Controller; SQL Azure; Azure AppFabric; Azure Programming Model; Web Role and Worker Role; Using Azure Cloud Storage Services; Blob Service; Table Service; Queue Service; Handling the Cloud Challenges; Scalability; Security and Access Control; Reliability and Availability; Interoperability; Designing Pustak Portal in Azure; Storage for Pustak Portal; Google App Engine; Getting Started; Developing a Google App Engine Application; Using Persistent Storage; Platform as a Service: Storage Aspects; Amazon Web Services: Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Moving to the Cloud provides an in-depth introduction to cloud computing models, cloud platforms, application development paradigms, concepts and technologies. The authors particularly examine cloud platforms that are in use today. They also describe programming APIs and compare the technologies that underlie them. The basic foundations needed for developing both client-side and cloud-side applications covering compute/storage scaling, data parallelism, virtualization, MapReduce, RIA, SaaS and Mashups are covered. Approaches to address key challenges of a cloud infrastructure, such as

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