Kopp, Sandu-Daniel.

Politics, Markets and EU Gas Supply Security : Case Studies of the UK and Germany - Wiesbaden : Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, 2015. - 1 online resource (324 p.) - eBooks on Demand Energiepolitik und Klimaschutz. Energy Policy and Climate Protection . - Energiepolitik und Klimaschutz. Energy Policy and Climate Protection .

Foreword; Acknowledgements; Table of Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; List of Important Abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 1.1 Macro-Trends in the Global and European Gas Markets ; 1.2 Research Design and Methodology; 1.2.1 Research Questions and Hypotheses; 1.2.2 State of the Art; 1.2.3 Conceptual Challenges and Research Gap; 1.2.4 Research Approach; 2. Theory and Methodology; 2.1 A Historical Approach to Energy Security; 2.2 Defining and Examining Energy Security: Methodological Challenges; 2.3 A Theoretical and Methodological Approach to Gas Security Analysis 2.3.1 The Traditional Gas Security Framework2.3.2 Compatibility With Current Energy Security Concepts; 2.3.3 Traditional and Liberalised Gas Markets: Theoretical Assumptions; 2.3.4 Measuring Energy Security: The Choice of Indicators; 3. EU Energy Legislation and Security of Gas Supply; 3.1 EU Energy Cooperation; 3.1.1 The European Coal and Steel Community and EURATOM; 3.1.2 The International Energy Agency; 3.1.3 From the Single European Market Act to the Treaty of Lisbon; 3.1.4 Green and White Papers towards a Common European Energy Policy; 3.1.5 The Climate and Energy Package 3.2 The Creation of a Common European Gas Market3.2.1 From the Gas Transit Directive to the Gas Regulation EC 1775/2005; 3.2.2 2005 DG COMP Energy Sector Inquiry; 3.2.3 Third Gas Directive (2009) and Regulation EC 715/2009; 3.2.4 The European Gas Target Model (GTM); 3.3 European Legislation and Gas Supply Security Provisions ; 3.3.1 The Third Energy Package and Security of Supply; 3.3.2 The Gas Security of Supply Directive 2004/67/EC; 3.3.3 The Gas Security of Supply Regulation 994/2010; 4. The UK Gas Market; 4.1 Market Structure and Competition; 4.1.1 Historical Development 4.1.2 Market Structure4.1.3 Competition; 4.2. Physical and Financial Gas Trading in the UK; 4.2.1 Historical Development; 4.2.2 The Uniform Network Code; 4.2.3 The NBP at the Forefront of European Traded Gas Markets; 4.2.4 Ways to the Market: Direct, OTC, Exchange; 4.3 Supply and Demand; 4.3.1 Gas Infrastructure (Import, Export, Storage) ; 4.3.2 The Role of Gas in the UK's Energy Mix ; 4.4 Gas Supply Security; 4.4.1 Official Assessments (2009-2010); 4.4.2 Resulting Policy Approaches (2011-2012) ; 4.4.3 What about Price Volatility? 4.5 The UK Gas Supply Security Framework: Summary and Conclusions4.5.1 R/P Ratio and Import/Source Dependency; 4.5.2 Long-Term Contracts and Investments; 4.5.3 Emergency Security Events; 5. The German Gas Market; 5.1 Market Structure and Competition; 5.1.1 Historical Development; 5.1.2 Market Structure; 5.1.3 Competition; 5.2 Gas Trading in Germany - Framework Conditions and Developments; 5.2.1 Negotiating a Model for Network Access in Germany; 5.2.2 The Cooperation Agreement II; 5.2.3 Reducing the Number of Market Areas: Opposition and Development 5.2.4 OTC Trading and Exchange-Based Trading in Germany

Sandu-Daniel Kopp investigates whether carbon reduction targets are compatible with market-driven competition in gas (and power) industries, and whether security of supply is compatible with competitive markets. He examines the policy trade-offs which need to be made between the three different elements, and whether these policy judgements should be economically or politically based. The analysis shows the need for a complex set of politically determined options to protect (competitive) markets from price risks and emergency events and demonstrates that this has thus far failed the policy test

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Energy policy -- Europe.
Energy policy -- Germany.
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Gas industry -- Germany.
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Petroleum industry and trade.
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