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Soviet Foreign Policy Towards East Germany. - Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2015. - 1 online resource (223 p.) - eBooks on Demand Contributions to Political Science . - Contributions to Political Science .

Preface; List of Abbreviations; Contents; Chapter 1: Introduction; 1.1 Note on Method; References; Chapter 2: The Politics of Economy; 2.1 Politics; 2.2 Economics; 2.3 Interpreting Soviet Policy in the Context of the German Question; 2.4 The International System and the Paradoxical GDR Dependency on Soviet Policy; References; Chapter 3: Standing Policy Towards the GDR; 3.1 Soviet Leadership in Disarray; 3.2 The German Question in 1953; 3.3 The Weakening of the GDR Economy and the Uprising; 3.4 The Victory of the Hardliners and Ultimately Khrushchev; 3.5 The Legacy of Intervention; References Chapter 4: The Interplay of Interactive Structures4.1 The GDR´s Military Security; 4.2 Beginning of the GDR´s Paradox; 4.2.1 Military Intervention; 4.2.2 Inter-German Détente; 4.2.3 Limiting the Damage; 4.3 The GDR´s Military Security Reaction; References; Chapter 5: Who Generates Policy?; 5.1 The Soviet-German Security Policy; 5.1.1 The Soviet Leadership and the German Question; 5.2 GDR Policy on the German Question; 5.3 The Changing Leadership Perceptions: New Political Identities; 5.3.1 Generation Structure; 5.3.2 Gorbachev Structure; 5.4 New Thinking in Soviet-German Policy 5.5 New Thinkers: A Different InterpretationReferences; Chapter 6: Structures of Differentiation: The Split; 6.1 Roads of Differentiation; 6.1.1 China; 6.1.2 Afghanistan; 6.2 The Epoch of the `NPT´; 6.2.1 The Inter-German Contacts; 6.2.2 The Reforms; 6.3 Controversy of Using Military Force; References; Chapter 7: Multiple Political Rivalry: Meaning and Significance; 7.1 The Domestic Policy; 7.2 The Diplomacy of the INF: Achieving International Stability; 7.3 The Inter-making of Policy; References; Chapter 8: The Paradox of Policy Restructuring; 8.1 The First Transitional Phase 8.1.1 The Continuity8.1.2 The Challenge; 8.2 The Second Transitional Phase; 8.2.1 The First Decision on German Question; 8.3 The Third Transitional Phase: Policy Restructuring; 8.3.1 Gorbachev´s Illusion; 8.3.2 Radicals Took the Initiative; 8.3.3 A Tragic End; References; Chapter 9: Conclusion; 9.1 How the Shifting Soviet Political Perceptions Should Be Considered: Discussion; 9.2 Adaptive and Confused Understanding?; 9.3 An Alternative Strategy; References; Index

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Germany (East) -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union -- History.
Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- Germany (East) -- History.

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