College of Arts and Sciences Records 1982-2013 University of Texas at Tyler - [Tyler, Texas]; University of Texas at Tyler, 1982-2013. - 5.00 boxes - Collection is arranged in five series, topically. Some series include sub-series with more details on collection contents. The order of arrangement is as follows: Series 1: Institutional Publications Sub-series A: Policies and Procedures Sub-series B: Strategic Planning Sub-series C: Intercoms Sub-series D: Class Schedules Sub-series E: Budgets Sub-Series F: University of Texas System Series 2: External Publications Series 3: Departments Sub-series A: College of Arts and Sciences, Departmental Administration Sub-series B: Correspondence Series 4: Faculty Series 5: Meeting Minutes

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This collection includes textual documents detailing the work of the College of Arts and Sciences at the Univeristy of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler), from 1982-2013. The College of Arts and Sciences encompasses the Liberal Arts and Sciences disciplines of UT Tyler. Materials in this collection document the activities of the College of Arts and Sciences within the UT Tyler community as a whole.

In the early days of UT Tyler, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) did not exist. Degree programs from various Schools would comprise what is now the CAS. During the first semester in 1973, the school offered classes in English, Mathematics, Sociology, and Speech. Later in the 1970s, baccalaureate degrees in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, History, Journalism, Law enforcement, Mathematics, Music, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, and Speech were offered. During the 1980s, Schools were reassigned and renamed. The School of Sciences and Mathematics incorporated the Department of Nursing and its degrees in 1981. Also in 1981, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Fine and Performing Arts combined to create the School of Liberal Arts. In 1986-1988, Masters degrees were first offered in English and history where, prior to this, only the School of Education and Psychology and the School of Business Administration offered a Masters degree with a specific focus. Deans for the different schools over the course of the 1980s were Frank Herbert Smyrl, W. A. Mayfield, L. Lynn Sherrod, and F. Lannom Smith. Very little about the College of Arts and Sciences changed in the 1990s, with the exception of new deans in the School of Liberal Arts and the eventual move of the Division of Nursing from the School of Sciences and Mathematics to its own School of Nursing in the 1998 school year. The School of Liberal Arts also added economics from the School of Business Administration to its Department of Social Sciences in 1992. Additional Masters degrees included Computer Science, Nursing, Biology, and Mathematics. In the 2000-2002 academic years, the University formed the College of Liberal Arts. During the 2002-2004 academic years, the College of Liberal Arts merged with the College of Sciences and Mathematics to become the College of Arts and Sciences under Dean Donna L. Dickerson. Masters degrees were added in Political Science, Sociology, Art, and Communication. The College of Arts and Sciences currently offers sixteen baccalaureate majors, a number of pre-professional programs, and eleven masters degree plans.

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