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Matters of Time : Material Temporalities in Twentieth-Century French Culture - Oxford : Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2014. - 1 online resource (326 p.) - eBooks on Demand Modern French Identities ; v.115 . - Modern French Identities .

Cover -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Materialist Temporalities After the End of History (Lisa Jeschke and Adrian May) -- Selected Bibliography -- Part 1 Revolution, Work, Time -- A Period of Transition: Political Time in the Work of Jean Jaurès (Alexandra Paulin-Booth) -- Jaurès' Philosophy of History -- A Period of Transition -- Socialism's Religious Potential -- Conclusion -- Selected Bibliography -- To Refuse to Imagine: Simone Weil's Materialism (Lisa Jeschke) -- Early Philosophical Texts -- Socialist Essays -- La pesanteur et la grâce -- Selected Bibliography Time Matters: The Mouvement du 22 mars and the Dawn of May '68 (Daniel Poitras) -- The Beginning -- Identity and Generation -- Born in the Flow of Time -- Violence and Creativity -- Spatiality and Uncertainty -- Selected Bibliography -- Part 2 The Politics of Finitude -- Totalization, Temporalization and History: Marx and Sartre (George Tomlinson) -- Selected Bibliography -- A Meteorology of the Times: Bataille, Blanchot, Lignes and the Twentieth Century (Adrian May) -- The 1930s: Révolte, Refus, Révolution -- The 1940s: Engagement -- The 1950s: Decolonization, and New Critical Idioms The 1960s: The Time of Theory -- The 1970s: Turning on Marxism and Structuralism -- 1980s: The Return of Fascism? -- Lignes and Bataille -- Blanchot in Lignes -- Conclusion -- Selected Bibliography -- Existence-Politics/Exposure-Sacrifice (Martin Crowley) -- Selected Bibliography -- Part 3 Abject Matter -- Doing Time: Bastille Martyrs/Modern Saints (Jessica Stacey) -- Selected Bibliography -- What's the Matter with Antonin Artaud? Or, Why The Soul is a Pile of Shit (David Grundy) -- Selected Bibliography -- Merdre (Rye Holmboe) -- Selected Bibliography Part 4 Transformations of Temporality and Materiality -- Surface Matters: Georges Rouault's Materiality (Jennifer Johnson) -- Selected Bibliography -- Quand l'endroit du temps rencontre son envers au cinéma: une dialectique des opposés (Louis Daubresse) -- Pièce touchée ou la contiguïté des contraires -- Une structure de l'équivalence dans Sugar Water -- Scaling: Un alliage multidimensionnel -- Bibliographie -- Frank O'Hara's Anti-Cocteau Movement (Christina Chalmers) -- Selected Bibliography -- Part 5 Topological Writing -- Rhythmanalysis and Bertin's Les Heures Marseillaises (Andrew Otway) Selected Bibliography -- A Stitch in Time: Temporal Threads in Jean Genet (Joanne Brueton) -- Le fil du temps: The Time of the Verdict -- Les fils perdus: The Time of Filiation -- Selected Bibliography -- Fluid Temporality and Identity in Verlaine's 'Ariettes oubliées' I, III, VI, VIII, IX (Daniel A. Finch-Race) -- The Ecopoetics of Time and Identity -- Romances sans paroles, 'Ariettes oubliées' I, III, VI, VIII, IX -- Ariettes I and III: Fluid Identity, Troubled Time, Uncertain Love -- Ariettes VI, VIII and IX: Destabilization, Pathetic Fallacy, Disconnectedness -- Psychosocial Matters Selected Bibliography

Matters of Time provides an unorthodox array of perspectives on materialist thought and representation in twentieth-century French intellectual culture. Time is figured as the quintessential revolutionary concept, through key historical moments from Jean Jaures' orientation of the socialists at the turn of the century to the inter-generational conflict and politicization of everyday life in May '68. Essays on dialectics and theories of teleological progress are placed side by side with accounts of the existential turn in Marxist thought in France. Contributions on Heidegger and Sartre inject meditations on human mortality into considerations of a new politics of finitude. The volume also emphasizes the inseparability of aesthetic and political thought for the French avant-gardes: chapters on Sade, Artaud and Jarry place Marx's theories of production and commodity fetishism into contact with bodily abjection. The manipulation of time in cinema and matter in painting are examined as a testament to the twentieth century as a period of continuing experimental tension between form and signification. Generational futurity is explored through Genet's spatial representations of filiation and Verlaine's proto-ecological attunement to nature. The volume as a whole constructs a necessarily fragmented timeline of the breaks, tensions and antagonisms in twentieth-century French thought, culture and politics, with particular focus on questions of late capitalism and political, intellectual and aesthetic progress and regress.

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