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Cover -- The Gun Debate -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- The Gun Debate -- 1 America and Its Guns -- What Is a Gun? -- What Is the Problem with Guns? -- How Many Americans Own How Many Firearms? -- Who Owns the Guns? -- Why Do People Choose to Own Guns-or Not? -- How Many Guns Do Gun Owners Own? -- Is Gun Ownership Rising or Falling? -- What Role Do Shooting Sports Play in American Life? -- Has Participation in Gun Sports Declined? -- What Are the Common Types of Modern Firearms? -- Why Do Gun Owners Usually Have Several Guns? -- What Is an Assault Weapon? What Devices Are Available to Prevent Misuse? -- 2 The Value of Guns for Self-Protection and Combating Tyranny -- Why Is Self-Defense Central to the Debate over Gun Control? -- Is a Gun an Effective Means of Self-Protection against an Assailant? -- How Often Are Guns Used in Self-Defense? -- What Are the Risks and Benefits of Keeping a Firearm in the Home for Protection? -- Do Burglars Avoid Neighborhoods Where Residents Keep Guns in the Home? -- How Many People Are Licensed to Carry a Gun? -- What Is It Like to Carry a Concealed Gun? Does Society Benefit If More Civilians Carry Concealed Weapons? -- Do Americans Believe That Guns Make Us Safer? -- Do Americans Believe That Guns Make Our Democracy Stronger? -- Do Guns Protect against Tyranny, Even Genocide? -- 3 The Costs of Gun Violence -- How Many Americans Are Killed or Injured by Gunfire? -- Is Gun Violence Rising or Falling in America? -- Why Are Attacks with Guns of Any More Concern Than Attacks with Other Weapons? -- Does the Availability of a Firearm Increase the Risk of Suicide? -- Who Is at Risk for Being Shot? -- How Has Gun Violence Touched National Political Life? What Is a Mass Shooting? -- Are US Mass Shootings Increasing? -- What Are the Worst Mass Shootings in History? -- Are There Common Elements in Mass Shootings? -- Does the United States Have More Crime Than Other Countries? -- How Much Does Gun Violence Cost America? -- 4 Causes of Gun Violence -- Who Can Be Trusted with a Gun? -- Do More Guns Cause More Crime-or Less? -- Is Gun Violence Closely Linked to Other Types of Violence? -- What Do Israel and Switzerland Teach Us about the Importance of Gun Ownership as a Cause of Gun Violence? Do Cultural Differences Help Account for Differences in Levels of Gun Violence? -- Do the Media Contribute to Gun Violence in America? -- What about Violent TV and Movies? -- What about Copycat Crimes? -- What about Violent Video Games? -- What Do We Know about the Connection between Mental Health and Gun Violence? -- 5 Manufacture and Marketing of Guns -- How Large Is the Gun Industry in America? -- How Is Firearms Production Organized? -- How Does the Industry Market Its Products? -- What Is Required to Become a Licensed Dealer? How Many Guns Does an Average Dealer Sell in a Year? A Successful Dealer?

The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to KnowRG takes readers on a tour of the issues that Americans debate when they talk about guns. The volume includes information on gun control pertaining to U.S. history, jurisprudence, cultural beliefs, political agendas, epidemiologcal data, criminology, law and regulation, and policy effectiveness.

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