Orloff, Ann Shola.

Perverse Politics? : Feminism, Anti-Imperialism, Multiplicity - Bradford, West Yorkshire : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2016. - 1 online resource (201 p.) - eBooks on Demand Political Power and Social Theory ; v.30 . - Political Power and Social Theory .

Fornt Cover -- Perverse Politics? Feminism, Anti-Imperialism, Multiplicity -- Copyright page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Senior Editorial Board -- Student Editorial Board -- Editorial Statement -- Introduction: Perverse Politics? Feminism, Anti-Imperialism, Multiplicity -- On Perversity -- The Specter of False Consciousness(es) -- Multiplicity Rather Than Perversity -- Unexpected/Uneasy Alliances -- The Papers -- Notes -- References -- Perverse Humanitarianism and the Business of Rescue: What's Wrong with NGOs and What's Right about the "Johns"? -- Introduction Critical Humanitarianism and Sex Work as a Pathway toward Mobility -- Vietnam in the New Global Economy -- Research Methods -- Perverse Humanitarianism: Diverting Incarceration But Trapped in an NGO -- Fleeing Factory Work and Domestic Work for Sex Work -- "The Johns": Sexual Predators or Heroic Saviors? -- Who Then Are the Villains and Heroes in Sex Trafficking? -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Redemptive Capitalism and Sexual Investability -- Capitalist Redemption -- "Illicit Networks" as Sexual Technologies and Moral Fields -- Sex, Slavery, and Supply Chains Global Corporate Citizenship and the "Girl Effect" -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Troubling the Subject of Violence: The Pacifist Presumption, Martial Maternalism, and Armed Women in Contemporary Gun Culture -- Introduction -- Finding Feminism -- The Pacifist Presumption as Feminist Orthodoxy -- Martial Maternalism as Post-Feminism -- Methods and Evidence -- "Taking the Power Back": Rejecting the Pacifist Presumption -- "Crossing that Threshold": Negotiating Gun Culture -- Mobilizing Martial Maternalism -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References Feminism/s in Power: Rethinking Gender Equality after the Second Wave -- A New Gendered Order: New Questions and Challenges for Feminist Critique -- A Post-Second Wave Feminist Debate: The Critics of Feminism in Power -- Critiques of Feminist in Power: Anti-Sexual Violence and Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaigns -- Critiques of Feminists in Power: The Gendered Welfare State -- Discussion: Rethinking the Meanings of a (New?) Feminist Politics -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Contextualizing the Closet: Naz, Law, and Sexuality in Postcolonial India -- Introduction Methods and Analysis -- Section 377 and the Formation of Activist Coalitions: A Brief History -- Private Space and its Discontents: Gender, Class, and "Rights to Privacy" -- Women and Private Space: Violence, Pleasure, and Domestic Space -- A Question of Class: Hypervisibility and Violence in Public Spaces -- The Naz Petition: Law Confronts Lived Experience -- Contextualizing the Closet: Critical Approaches to Sexuality and Law -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Appendix -- Interviews Subjects of Rights and Subjects of Cruelty: The Production of an Islamic Backlash against Homosexuality in Turkey

The papers collected here offer anti-imperialist feminist alternatives to second wave feminism's often reductive understandings of freedom; emancipation; oppression; empowerment and democracy.

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