Besen-Cassino, Yasemin.

Education and Youth Today. - Bradford, West Yorkshire : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2016. - 1 online resource (336 p.) - eBooks on Demand Sociological Studies of Children and Youth ; v.20 . - Sociological Studies of Children and Youth .

Front Cover -- Education and Youth Today -- Copyright Pages -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Editorial Board -- Introduction: Youth and Education in a Rapidly Changing World -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Part I: Inequalities in Education -- Discrimination-Related Stress and Behavioral Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Positive School Relationships -- Behavioral Engagement -- The Effects of Discrimination and Discrimination-Related Stress on School Engagement -- School-Based Relationships as Social Capital -- Study Goals -- Methods -- Participants -- Procedure -- Measures Demographic Questionnaire -- Discrimination-Related Stress -- School-Based Social Supports -- Behavioral Engagement -- Data Analysis Plan -- Results -- Unconditional Growth Models -- Change Over Time in Behavioral Engagement -- Change Over Time in Discrimination-Related Stress -- Change Over Time in School-Based Supportive Relationships -- Conditional Models -- Discrimination-Related Stress as a Predictor of Behavioral Engagement -- School-Based Social Support as a Moderator -- Discussion -- Discrimination-Related Stress and School Engagement -- Decreasing Engagement Over Time Protective Effect of School-Based Social Support -- Limitations -- Practical Implications -- Conclusions -- References -- Ethnoracial Concordance in the Association between Academic Self-Efficacy and Achievement during Elementary and Middle School -- Academic Self-Efficacy, Achievement, and Inequality -- Links among Ethnoracial Identity, Academic Self-Efficacy, and Achievement -- Young Children's Academic Stereotype Consciousness -- Data and Method -- Method -- Results -- Descriptive Statistics -- Structural Equation Model Results -- Discussion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References Appendix -- Educational Issues and Inequalities: Experiences of Indigenous Canadian Students -- Introduction -- Context -- Methods -- Experiences of Racism -- Not "Fitting in" at School -- Trying to "Blend in" -- Indigenous Programs and Initiatives -- Positive Progress -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Part II: Bullying -- You Say Bully, I Say Bullied: School Culture and Definitions of Bullying in Two Elementary Schools -- Introduction -- Understandings of Bullying in Schools -- Bullying and the School Context -- Setting and Methods -- Student Definitions of Bullying Intentions Matter -- Normalizing Power Differentials -- It's Not Bullying if You're Joking -- Adult Definitions of Bullying -- Distinguishing Bullying from Non-Bullying -- Adult and Student Comparisons -- Person-Centered Definitions of Bullying -- Student Views -- Adult Reinforcement -- Bullying Definitions in the Broader School Culture -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Latino Students in New Destinations: Immigration, EXTRACURRICULAR Activities, and Bullying Victimization -- Introduction -- Immigration, EC Activities, and Bullying -- Latino Students in New Destinations The Present Study

This volume brings together the most recent and cutting edge research on the understanding of education. It focuses on the lived experience of the students in the context of different educational institutions. In doing so, it unravels layers of inequalities in the understanding of education.

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