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The Analytics Revolution : How to Improve Your Business By Making Analytics Operational In The Big Data Era - Hoboken : Wiley, 2014. - 1 online resource (307 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

The Analytics Revolution: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS BY MAKING ANALYTICS OPERATIONAL IN THE BIG DATA ERA -- Contents -- Foreword -- Preface -- Who Should Read This Book? -- Who Should Not Read This Book? -- What's in This Book? -- Part One: The Revolution Has Begun -- Part Two: Laying the Foundation -- Part Three: Making Analytics Operational -- Acknowledgments -- PART I THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN -- CHAPTER 1 Understanding Operational Analytics -- Defining Operational Analytics -- What Are Operational Analytics? -- Differentiating Operational Analytics Cornerstones That Make Operational Analytics Unique -- Welcome to Analytics 3.0 -- Analytics 1.0: Traditional Analytics -- Analytics 2.0: Big Data Analytics -- Analytics 3.0: Unified Analytics for Maximum Impact -- Operationalizing Analytics with Analytics 3.0 -- How Analytics Are Changing Business -- Analytics as the Goal, Not a By‐Product -- Analytics Products Are Blurring Industry Lines -- Operational Analytics Will Be Transformative -- Putting Operational Analytics in Perspective -- Data Quality and Timeliness Are as Crucial as Ever -- Do Operational Analytics Stifle Creativity? Many Concepts behind Operational Analytics Aren't Really New -- Wrap-Up -- Notes -- CHAPTER 2 More Data . . . More Data . . . Big Data! -- Cutting through the Hype -- What's the Definition of Big Data? Who Cares! -- Start from the Right Perspective -- Is There a Big Data Bubble? -- Preparing for Big Data -- The Big Data Tidal Wave Is Here -- New Information Is What Makes Big Data So Powerful -- Seek New Questions to Ask -- Data Retention Is No Longer a Binary Decision -- The Internet of Things Is Coming -- Putting Big Data in Context -- It's Not So Much Big Data as It Is Different Data Big Data Must Be Scaled across Multiple Dimensions -- Getting the Most Value from Big Data -- Back to the Future -- Big Data Is Going through a Maturity Curve -- Big Data Is a Global Phenomenon -- Wrap-Up -- Notes -- CHAPTER 3 Operational Analytics in Action -- Improving Customer Experiences -- Providing Magical Moments -- Enabling Consumer Transparency -- Upgrading Customer Service -- Enhancing the Online Experience -- Time Is of the Essence -- Security through Analytics -- The Hundred‐Million‐Dollar Millisecond -- Making Us Safer -- Avoiding Adverse Events -- Ensuring Product Freshness Government Can Get Operational Too -- Increasing Operational Efficiency -- Maximizing Power Capture -- Optimizing Power Generation -- Increasing Fuel Efficiency -- Improving Call Center Performance -- Improving Our Lives in the Future -- Freeing Our Time -- Keeping Us Healthy -- Finding Unexpected Value in Data -- Leveraging Location Data for Traffic Updates -- Leveraging Sensor Data to Improve Crop Yields -- Leveraging Compliance Data to Improve Sales -- Create Strategic Analytics Too -- Wrap-Up -- Notes -- PART II LAYING THE FOUNDATION -- CHAPTER 4 Want Budget? Build the Business Case! Setting the Priorities

Lead your organization into the industrial revolution of analytics with The Analytics Revolution The topics of big data and analytics continue to be among the most discussed and pursued in the business world today. While a decade ago many people still questioned whether or not data and analytics would help improve their businesses, today virtually no one questions the value that analytics brings to the table. The Analytics Revolution focuses on how this evolution has come to pass and explores the next wave of evolution that is underway. Making analytics operational invo

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