Can we survive our origins? : readings in Rene Girard's theory of violence and the sacred / edited by Pierpaolo Antonello and Paul Gifford. - 1 online resource (389 pages). - JSTOR eBooks Studies in Violence, Mimesis, and Culture . - Studies in violence, mimesis, and culture. .

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Foreword / Rowan Williams; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part One. The Programming of Origins: Sacred Violence and Its Legacy; A Covenant among Beasts: Human and Chimpanzee Violence in Evolutionary Perspective / Paul Dumouchel; Liminal Crises: The Origins of Cultural Order, the Default Mechanisms of Survival, and the Pedagogy of the Sacrificial Victim / Pierpaolo Antonello; Victims, Sacred Violence, and Reconciliation: A Darwinian-Girardian Reading of Human Peril and Human Possibility / Harald Wydra. Empire of Sacrifice: Violence and the Sacred in American Culture / Jon Pahl and James WellmanPart Two. Rebooting Evolutionary Survival: Is Christianity Crucial?; From Closed Societies to the Open Society: Parochial Altruism and Christian Universalism / Wolfgang Palaver; Girard, the Gospels, and the Symmetrical Inversion of the Founding Murder / Paul Gifford; Survival and Salvation: A Girardian Reading of Christian Hope in Evolutionary Perspective / Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly; Part Three. Violent Reciprocities and Peace-Making in the Contemporary World. Northern Ireland: Breaking the Inheritance of Conflict and Violence / Duncan MorrowCommunities of Contrast: Modeling Reconciliation in Northern Ireland / Derick Wilson; Responses to Morrow and Wilson; Girardian Reflections on Israel and Palestine / Mel Konner; South Africa: Positive Mimesis and the Turn toward Peace / Leon Marincowitz; Peace-Making in Practice and Theory: An Encounter with Ren©♭ Girard / Scott Atran; Part Four. Between Progress and Abyss: Our Modernity; Nuclear Apocalypse: The Balance of Terror and Girardian "Misrecognition" / Jean-Pierre Dupuy; Responses to Jean-Pierre Dupuy. The "Intermediary" Case / Margo Boenig-LiptsinMisrecognition of "Misrecognition" / Paul Dumouchel; Survival without Salvation? / Paul Gifford; Girard, Climate Change, and Apocalypse / Michael Northcott; A New Heaven and a New Earth: Apocalypticism and Its Alternatives / Michael Kirwan; About the Authors; Index.

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Violence--Religious aspects.
Sacred books--History and criticism.

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