Sullivan, Anna.

Challenging Dominant Views on Student Behaviour at School : Answering Back - Singapore : Springer Singapore, 2016. - 1 online resource (198 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Chapter 1: Introduction: Why It Is Important to Answer Back -- Introduction -- The Australian Context -- Behaviour in Australian Schools National Summit -- How This Book Is Organised -- References -- Chapter 2: Daring to Disagree About School 'Discipline': An Australian Case Study of a Media-Led Backlash -- Introduction -- Preparing for the National Summit on Behaviour in Australian Schools -- What Happened? -- A Case Study of a Social Media Backlash -- 'Academics are Idiots': Playing the 'Anti-intellectual' Hand -- Creating a False Dichotomy Punishment Works -- Summary and Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 3: Understanding and Challenging Dominant Discourses About Student Behaviour at School -- Introduction -- Why Focus on Discourses? -- Evidence of Discourses of Control -- Macro-level Influences -- Micro-level Influences -- The 'Ecology' of the Classroom -- Professional Role Conformity: The Role of Teacher Folklore -- Responsibility and Accountability -- Behavioural Attributions -- 'Answering Back' -- 'We Changed the Conversation from the Deficit View of the Child and Their Family, and the Community': St Xavier's Primary School Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 4: Promoting Pedagogies of Engagement in Secondary Schools: Possibilities for Pedagogical Reform -- Taking Context Seriously -- Introducing the Redesigning Pedagogy in the North Project -- Introducing the Idea of the School as a Machine -- The Secondary School as a Context for Constituting Actually Existing Pedagogy -- Logics of School Organisation -- Logics of School Culture -- Logics of Pedagogy -- Working with/against the Secondary School as a Logic Machine -- References -- Chapter 5: Goodbye Mr Chips, Hello Dr Phil? Enlisting Inspector Harry Frances Callahan in the School? -- The Hidden Injuries of Schooling and the Struggle to Explain Them -- Enlisting the Data -- La Nostalgie N'est Plus Ce Qu'elle Était (Simone Signoret 1978) -- Competitive Individualism and Neo-liberal Schooling -- Taming and Domesticating Inclusion -- Biopolitics and the Management of Student Identities -- Conclusions? Not Yet -- References -- Chapter 6: Rethinking Mis/Behaviour in Schools: From 'Youth as a Problem' to the 'Relational School' -- Introduction -- 'Youth as a Problem': Deficit Thinking and State Intervention Historically 'The Problem of Schooling': Institutional Power, Control and Resistance -- Alternative Possibilities: Imagining the 'Relational School' -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- Chapter 7: Reframing 'Behaviour' in Schools: The Role of Recognition in Improving Student Wellbeing -- Introduction -- Understanding Behaviour in Schools -- Introducing the 'Wellbeing in Schools' Study -- Theoretical Interests -- Key Findings -- The Importance of Relationships -- Taking Account of Recognition -- Having a Say -- Misrecognition -- Rethinking Behaviour in the Context of Wellbeing: The Role of Recognition Relationships

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