ACSM's sports medicine : a comprehensive review / Sports medicine senior editor, Francis G. O'Connor ; editors, Douglas J. Casa [and others]. - Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ©2013. - 1 online resource (xxvi, 859 pages) : illustrations - OVID Doodys .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

General considerations in sports medicine. The team physician / Anthony I. Beutler and John H. Wilckens -- Ethical considerations in sports medicine / Ralph G. Oriscello and Christopher E. Jonas -- Legal issues in sports medicine / Aaron Rubin -- Orthopedic sports medicine terminology / Scott A. Magnes, Vanessa Lalley, and Francis G. O'Connor -- Basics in exercise physiology / Patricia A. Deuster and Selasi Attipoe -- Articular cartilage injury / Aman Dhawan, Vasili Karas, and Brian J. Cole -- Bone injury and fracture healing / Connor R. LaRose and Carlos A. Guanche -- Nerve injury / Sarah A. Eby, Jeffrey G. Jenkins, and Eric J. Buchner -- Muscle and tendon injury and repair / Luis P. Carrilero, Mark Hamming, Bradley J. Nelson, and Dean C. Taylor -- Basic principles of exercise training and conditioning / Kevin R. Vincent, Heather K. Vincent, and Craig K. Seto -- Basics in sports nutrition / Patricia A. Deuster, Stacey A. Zeno, and Selasi Attipoe -- Exercise prescription / Dan Burnett and Mark B. Stephens -- Playing surface and protective equipment / Jeffrey G. Jenkins and C. Joel Hess -- Field-side emergencies / Jeffery A. May, Loren A. Crown, and Michael C. Gaertner -- Mass participation events / Scott W. Pyne -- Catastrophic sports injuries / Barry P. Boden -- The preparticipation physical examination / Robert E. Sallis and Christopher C. Bell -- Evaluation of the injured athlete. Diagnostic imaging / Leanne L. Seeger and Kambiz Motamedi -- Musculoskeletal ultrasound / Sean W. Mulvaney and Sean N. Martin -- Electrodiagnostic testing / Venu Akuthota and Jason Friedrich -- Exercise testing / Russell D. White and George D. Harris -- Gait analysis / Timothy L. Switaj, Brian R. Hoke, and Francis G. O'Connor -- Compartment syndrome testing / John E. Glorioso and John H. Wilckens -- Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction testing / Meghan F. Raleigh and Fred H. Brennan, Jr. -- Drug testing / Aaron Rubin -- Neuropsychological testing in concussion / Andrea Pana -- Medical problems in the athlete. Cardiovascular considerations / Marc Childress, Jonathan A. Drezner, Ralph G. Oriscello, and Francis G. O'Connor -- Dermatology / Mark D. Jeffords and Kenneth B. Batts -- Genitourinary / Sean N. Martin and Michael W. Johnson -- Ophthalmology / Ronica Martinez -- Otorhinolaryngology / Charles W. Webb and C. Thayer White -- Dental injuries / Nathan P. Falk and Elizabeth M. O'Connor -- Infectious disease and the athlete / Mark D. Harris and Thomas M. Howard -- Endocrinology and sports / J. Andrew McMahon and William W. Dexter -- Hematology in the athlete / William B. Adams -- Neurology / Joel Shaw -- Gastroenterology / David L. Brown, Chris G. Pappas, Courtney A. Dawley -- Pulmonary / Carrie A. Jaworski -- Allergic diseases in athletes / David L. Brown, Nathan P. Falk, and Linda L. Brown -- Overtraining syndrome / Elizabeth Gannon and Thomas M. Howard -- Exercise and chronic disease / Karl B. Fields, Wes Bailey, Kenneth P. Barnes, Catherine R. Rainbow, and Shane Hudnall -- Environmental injuries : hypothermia, frostbite, heat illness, and altitude illness / Brian V. Reamy. Musculoskeletal problems in the athlete. Head injuries / Carlos M. Alvarado and Dennis A. Cardone -- Cervical spine / Gerard A. Malanga, Garrett S. Hyman, Jay E. Bowen, and Ricardo J. Vasquez-Duarte -- Thoracic and lumbar spine / Reginald S. Fayssoux -- Magnetic resonance imaging in the upper extremity / Courtney T. Tripp and John F. Feller -- Shoulder instability / Thomas M. DeBerardino and Robert A. Arciero -- Rotator cuff pathology / Patrick St. Pierre -- Sternoclavicular, clavicular, and acromioclavicular injuries / Nicholas A. Bontempo and Augustus D. Mazzocca -- Shoulder superior labrum anterior and posterior tears and biceps tears / Jeffrey S. Abrams -- The throwing shoulder / James P. Sostak, II and Carlos A. Guanche -- Elbow instability / Scott P. Steinmann -- Elbow articular lesions and fractures / Edward S. Ashman -- Elbow tendinosis / Patrick St. Pierre and Robert P. Nirschl -- Soft tissue injuries of the wrist and hand / D. Nicole Deal and A. Bobby Chhabra -- Wrist and hand fractures / D. Nicole Deal and A. Bobby Chhabra -- Upper extremity nerve entrapment / Margarete DiBenedetto and Robert Giering -- Magnetic resonance imaging in the lower extremity / Courtney T. Tripp and John F. Feller -- Pelvis, hip, and thigh injuries / Matthew Diltz -- Knee meniscal injuries / John P. Goldblatt, John C. Richmond, Dipak B. Ramkumar, and Anthony S. Albert -- Knee instability / Matthew C. Bessette, Frank Winston Gwathmey, Jr., and Mark Miller -- The patellofemoral joint / Robert J. Nascimento and Anthony A. Schepsis -- Soft tissue knee injuries (Tendon and Bursae) / Bryan J. Whitfield and John J. Klimkiewicz -- Ankle instability / R. Todd Hockenbury -- Soft tissue injuries of the leg, ankle, and foot / Keith Lynn Jackson, II and Brian E. Abell -- Foot and ankle fractures / Brian E. Abell and J. Richard Lee Evanson -- Lower extremity stress fractures / Michael Fredericson and Julia Arroyo -- Lower extremity nerve entrapments / Evan Peck and Jay Smith -- Principles of rehabilitation. Physical modalities in sports medicine / Sarah A. Eby and Alan P. Alfano -- Core strengthening / Joel Press -- Medications and ergogenic aids / Scott Flinn and Andrew J. McMarlin -- Prolotherapy / Keith A. Scorza and Manik Singh -- Platelet-rich plasma therapy and autologous blood / Kimberly G. Harmon and Jonathan A. Drezner -- Common injections in sports medicine : general principles and specific techniques / Christopher J. Lutrzykowski, Francis G. O'Connor, and Thad J. Barkdull -- Footwear and orthotics / Jay Dicharry and Eric M. Magrum -- Taping in sports medicine / Jessica M. Poole, Casey Hulsey, and RM Barney Poole -- Bracing in sports medicine / Jessica M. Poole, Casey Hulsey, and RM Barney Poole -- Casting and splinting / Jennifer M. Garrison and Chad A. Asplund -- Psychological considerations in physical activity, exercise, and sport / Jeffrey L. Goodie and Nicole L. Frazer -- Complementary and alternative medicine / Anthony I. Beutler, David K. Gordon, and Wayne B. Jonas -- Special considerations for postoperative athletes / Eric W. Carson. Sports-specific considerations. Baseball / Catherine N. Laible, Dennis A. Cardone, and Eric J. Strauss -- Basketball / Michael Needham and Chad A. Asplund -- Boxing : medical considerations / Kevin deWeber -- Mixed martial arts : ringside safety / Anthony G. Alessi and Michael B. Schwartz -- Crew / Andrew D. Perron -- Cross-country ski injuries / Janus D. Butcher -- Bicycling injuries / Chad A. Asplund -- Dance and performing arts medicine / Devin P. McFadden -- Dive medicine / James H. Lynch -- Figure skating / Roger J. Kruse and Jennifer Burke -- Football / John M. MacKnight -- Golfing injuries / Benjamin J. Ingram and Gregory G. Dammann -- Gymnastics / John P. DiFiori and Dennis J. Caine -- Ice hockey injuries / Peter H. Seidenberg -- Climbing injuries, treatment and injury prevention / Katrina D. Warme and Winston J. Warme -- Lacrosse / Thad J. Barkdull -- Rugby injuries / Peter H. Seidenberg and Rochelle M. Nolte -- Running / Robert Wilder and Francis G. O'Connor -- Alpine skiing and snowboarding / Devin P. McFadden -- Rodeo injuries / Craig R. Denegar and Richard M. Blyn -- Soccer / Nicholas A. Piantanida -- Softball injuries / Lindsay J. DiStefano and Jeffrey M. Anderson -- Surfing / C. Joel Hess and Paul T. Diamond -- Swimming / Nancy E. Rolnik -- Musculoskeletal injuries in the tennis player / Marc R. Safran and Geoff Abrams -- Triathlon / Shawn F. Kane and Fred H. Brennan, Jr -- Volleyball / Emily A. Darr -- Water polo injuries / Dean M. Brewer, Richard P. Eide, III, and Michelle E. Szczepanik -- Weightlifting / Joseph M. Hart, Christopher D. Ingersoll, and Christopher M. Kuenze -- Wheelchair sports / Arthur Jason De Luigi, Kevin F. Fitzpatrick, and Paul F. Pasquina -- Wrestling / Michael G. Bowers and Thomas M. Howard -- Special Populations. The pediatric athlete / Andrew J. McMarlin, Amanda Weiss Kelly, and Terry Adirim -- The geriatric athlete / Brian K. Unwin -- The female athlete / Courtney A. Dawley and Rochelle M. Nolte -- The athlete with intellectual disabilities / James H. Lynch -- The disabled athlete / Kevin F. Fitzpatrick and Paul F. Pasquina -- The athlete with a total joint replacement / Robert W. Engelen and Jennifer L. Reed -- The athlete with cancer / Jason M. Matuszak and Tracey O'Connor -- Human Immunodeficiency Virus and sports / Robert J. Dimeff.

The field of sports medicine is evolving, accelerated by emerging technologies and changing health care policies. To stay up to speed and ace the Boards, you need a resource that moves at your pace. Sanctioned by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), this handy review addresses all areas of the sports medicine subspecialty board examination-with coverage that spans the full spectrum of sports medicine, from medical to skeletal conditions related to the athlete. The editors and authors include orthopedic surgeons, family physicians, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, physia.

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