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Celebrating the James Partridge Award : Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Field of Library and Information Science - Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2016. - 1 online resource (243 p.) - eBooks on Demand Advances in Librarianship ; v.42 . - Advances in Librarianship .

Front Cover -- Celebrating the James Partridge Award: Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Field of Library and Information Science -- Copyright Page -- Editorial Advisory Board -- Contents -- Series Editors' Introduction -- About the Contributors -- Introduction -- Introduction: Diversity and Inclusion, Library and Information Science, and the James Partridge Award -- I. Introduction: The Context of Race and Library and Information Science -- II. The Chapters in This Book -- III. What We Hope This Book Achieves -- References The James Partridge Award and Other Efforts in Higher Education -- The James Partridge Award -- References -- The Arc of Activism: The James Partridge Award in the Context of 50 Years of Attempts to Influence Diversity and Inclusion in the Field of Library and Information... -- I. Introduction -- II. Activists from the Beginning -- III. The James Partridge Award -- IV. Fifty Years On -- V. Different Approaches to Inclusion -- References -- Researching African American Women's History -- I. The Journey Begins -- II. A Dream Job: Moorland-Spingarn Research Center III. Becoming a Bibliographer and Historian -- IV. Documenting Black Women's History -- V. Research and Grant Projects -- VI. Doctoral Research -- VII. Teaching Black Women's History -- VIII. Grants and Other Activities -- IX. Life in Semi-Retirement -- X. Advice to New Librarians -- Moving the Needle: An Examination of Diversity in LIS in Three Acts -- I. Introduction -- II. Act 1: Then and Now -- III. Act 2: Diversity Initiatives at SILS -- A. Diversity Standing Committee -- B. Diversity Statement -- C. Faculty Recruitment -- D. SILS Diversity Advocate Certificate -- E. Curriculum F. Research -- G. Student and Alumni Efforts -- H. Outcomes of SILS Diversity Initiatives -- IV. Act 3: What Will It Take? -- A. The Racial Climate of Libraries -- B. The Racial Climate of College Campuses -- V. Moving Forward -- VI. Concluding Thoughts -- References -- Equitable Service to All -- Woven into My Fabric, No One Is Invisible -- Four Decades of Service in an Incredible Profession -- I. Introduction -- II. Serving Young Adults and Others -- III. A Decade in Park Heights -- IV. A New Library Director and the Anchor Library -- V. Retirement -- References In a Place of Monotony and Despair: A Library! -- I. Introduction -- II. Library Services to Prisoners -- III. Reflections -- References -- University of the People: A Perspective -- Toward a More Inclusive and Supportive Profession -- Stepping Back in Order to Move Forward -- I. Introduction -- II. Moving Forward with the Family -- III. Transitioning from High School to College and on to Work -- IV. Stepping Back in order to Move Forward -- V. Stepping Forward to Diversity Work and Research -- VI. Stepping Forward to Mentor Others -- VII. Stepping Forward for the James Partridge Award VIII. Stepping and Going the Extra Mile in Professional Organizations

Winners of the James A. Partridge Outstanding African American Information Professional Award examine issues of race, inclusion, diversity, and justice. Their insights are complimented by the writings of other scholars, educators, and practitioners who study, teach about, and experience issues of race in the field firsthand.

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