Evidence-based practice : an integrative approach to research, administration, and practice / edited by Heather R. Hall, Linda A. Roussel. - Second edition. - online resource - R2 Digital Library .

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Quantitative research -- Qualitative research -- Mixed methods research -- Data analysis -- Navigating the institutional review board (IRB) -- Critical appraisal of research-based evidence -- Scholarship of administrative practice -- Evidence-based leadership practices -- Evaluating organizational frameworks for systems change -- The nature of the evidence: microsystems, macrosystems, and mesosystems -- Quality improvement and safety science : historical and future perspectives -- Improvement science : impact on quality and patient safety -- Health policy and evidence-based practice : the quality, safety, and financial -- Incentive link -- Scholarship of clinical practice -- Philosophical and theoretical perspectives guiding inquiry -- Introduction to evidence-based research -- Technology supporting the search for evidence -- A doctor of nursing practice systems change project : educating for early -- Intervention in methamphetamine-exposed children and families -- Integrating research-based evidence into clinical practice -- Evidence-based practice in the global community : building bridges -- Barriers to evidence-based practice in developing countries -- Dissemination of the evidence.

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Evidence-Based Practice
Research Design
Health Planning--organization & administration

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