Fuller, Jack.

What Is Happening to News : The Information Explosion and the Crisis in Journalism - Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2014. - 1 online resource (230 p.) - eBooks on Demand .

Contents -- Preface -- Chapter One: The Collapse of the Old Order -- Chapter Two: The Science of Journalism -- Chapter Three: Models of the Mind -- Chapter Four: Knees, Natural Selection, and Neuron Networks -- Chapter Five: Knowing What You Feel -- Chapter Six: The Two Searchlights -- Chapter Seven: Tricked by Our Minds -- Chapter Eight: The Acids of Postmodernity -- Chapter Nine: Tulips and the Hive -- Chapter Ten: The Secrets of Story -- Chapter Eleven: A Kind of Truth -- Chapter Twelve: A Matter of Respect -- Chapter Thirteen: A New Rhetoric for News -- Afterword -- Notes Suggested Reading -- Bibliography -- Index

Across America, newspapers that have defined their cities for over a century are rapidly failing, their circulations plummeting even as opinion-soaked web outlets like the Huffington Post thrive. Meanwhile, nightly news programs shock viewers with stories of horrific crime and celebrity scandal, while the smug sarcasm and shouting of pundits like Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann dominate cable television. Is it any wonder that young people are turning away from the news entirely, trusting comedians like Jon Stewart as their primary source of information on current events? In the face of all the

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