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Civil Society, Associations and Urban Places : Class, Nation and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe - Florence : Taylor and Francis, 2016. - 1 online resource (234 p.) - eBooks on Demand Historical Urban Studies Series . - Historical Urban Studies Series .

Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright page -- Table of Contents -- List of Figures -- Notes on Contributors -- General Editors' Preface -- 1 Introduction: Civil Society, Associations and Urban Places: Class, Nation and Culture in Nineteenth-century Europe -- 2 Institution-building and Class Formation: How Nineteenth-century Bourgeois Organized -- 3 Voluntary Societies and Urban Elites in Nineteenth-century Naples -- 4 The Instrumentalization of Bürgerlichkeit: Associations and the Middle Class in Hallein, Austria from the Nineteenth to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century 5 Associations in Bratislava in the Nineteenth Century: Middle-class Identity or Identities in a Multiethnic City? -- 6 Internationalist Networking in a Multinational Setting: Social Democratic Cultural Associations in Austro-Hungarian Trieste, 1900-1914 -- 7 Voluntary Societies in the Netherlands, 1750-1900 -- 8 In Good Company: Class, Gender and Politics in The Hague's Gentlemen's Clubs, 1750-1900 -- 9 Urban Associations in England and Scotland, 1750-1914: The Formation of the Middle Class or the Formation of a Civil Society? 10 The Temperance Movement and the Urban Associational Ideal: Scotland, 1820s to 1840s -- 11 Bourgeois Citizenship and the Practice of Association in Post-revolutionary France -- Select Biblography -- Index

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Sociology, Urban--Europe--History--19th century.

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