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Front cover -- Contents -- List of Illustrations -- Introduci ng Everyday eBay -- Chapter 1. My Obsession -- Chapter 2. Ephemeral Culture/eBay Culture -- Chapter 3. Virtual_radiophile (163☆) -- Chapter 4. Fortune‑Telling on eBay -- Chapter 5. Reading eBay -- Chapter 6. Immaterial Labor in the eBay Community -- Chapter 7. The Perfect Community -- Chapter 8. "Black Friday" and Feedback Bombing -- Chapter 9. Return of the Town Square -- Chapter 10. Of PEZ and Perfect Price -- Chapter 11. Auctioning the Authentic -- Chapter 12. Between the Archive and the Image‑Repertoire -- Chapter 13. "Virgin Mary In Grilled Cheese NOT A HOAX! LOO K & SEE !" -- Chapter 14. eBay and the Traveling Museum -- Chapter 15. The Contradictory Circulation of Fine Art and Antiques on eBay -- Chapter 16. My Queer eBay -- Chapter 17. "Cleaned to eBay Standards" -- Chapter 18. Playing Dress‑Up -- Contributors -- Index -- Back cover.

Everyday eBay is the first scholarly analysis of the internet marketplace that has become a global social, cultural and economic phenomenon. The eighteen new and classic essays gathered here examine eBay from a wide variety of perspectives as a bellwether of taste and material culture; as a rich site of cultural, racial, and sexual discourse and practice; as an emergent media form; and as a facilitator of global consumerism. From old toys steeped in nostalgia to 'rare' limited edition shoes, the contributors demonstrate that value on eBay is never simply about 'price'. On any given day, more than two million items are listed for sale on eBay, from everyday objects to kitsch and collectibles to the truly bizarre. Since its debut ten years ago, eBay has quickly become a central destination for millions of web browsers. According to eBay itself, up to 165,000 Americans now make their living by selling through the website, and other business analysts project that hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide now make their living through eBay.


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