Huppauf, Bernd.

Dynamics and Performativity of Imagination : The Image between the Visible and the Invisible. - 1 online resource (374 pages) - eBooks on Demand .

Front Cover -- Dynamics and Performativity of Imagination -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Figures -- Acknowledgments -- 1. Introduction: The Indispensability of the Imagination: Bernd Huppauf and Christoph Wulf -- Part I: Imagination, Fantasy and Creativity -- Introduction -- 2. Imagination: Gert Mattenklott -- 3. Aesthetic Immanence: Georges Didi-Huberman -- 4. Imagination, Figurality and Creativity: Conditions of Cultural Innovation: Dieter Mersch -- 5. Intuition and Imagination: How to See Something that is Not There: Ludger Schwarte -- Part II: A Look at Pictures-Pictures Look Back -- Introduction -- 6. What Is: Seeing an Image?: Marie José Mondzain -- 7. The Gaze in the Image: A Contribution to an Iconology of the Gaze: Hans Belting -- 8. Imagination or Response?: Some Remarks on the Understanding of Images and Pictures in Pre-modern China: Mathias Obert -- 9. The Nature of Face Recognition: A Perspective from the Cognitive Neurosciences: David Poeppel and Clare Stroud -- Part III: Body Images and Body Imaginations -- Introduction -- 10. The Neapolitan Gesture: Gunter Gebauer -- 11. Images of Social Life: Christoph Wulf -- 12. Performative Spaces and Imagined Spaces: How Bodily Movement Sets the Imagination in Motion: Erika Fischer-Lichte -- 13. Media Images, Sports Rituals and the Imaginary: K. Ludwig Pfeiffer -- 14. Ferocious Images: Peter Sloterdijk -- Part IV: Indeterminacy and Fuzziness of Images -- Introduction -- 15. Indeterminacy: On the Logic of the Image: Gottfried Boehm -- 16. Between Imitation and Simulation: Towards an Aesthetics of Fuzzy Images: Bernd Huppauf -- 17. A Small History (of) Still Passing: Rebecca Schneider -- 18. Scribbling, Scraping off, Painting over: Effacing Pictures in Literary Texts: Gabriele Brandstetter -- 19. Kierkegaard's Shadow Figures: Martin Puchner -- Part V: Constructions of the Visual. Introduction -- 20. The Unspeakable and the Unimaginable: Word and Image in a Time of Terror: W. J. T. Mitchell -- 21. Face and Mass: Towards an Aesthetic of the Cross-Cut in Film: Gertrud Koch -- 22. Synaesthesia: Physiological Diagnosis, Practice of Perception, Art Program: A Semiotic Re-analysis: Roland Posner and Dagmar Schmauks -- 23. Recognisability and Visual Evidence in Medical Imaging versus Scientific Objectivity: Britta Schinzel -- Notes on Contributors -- Index.

In this interdisciplinary anthology, essays study the relationship between the imagination and images both material and mental. Through case studies on a diverse array of topics including photography, film, sports, theater, and anthropology, contributors focus on the role of the creative imagination in seeing and producing images and the imaginary.


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